Esther 9:1

  1 H8147 Now in the twelfth H6240   H2320 month H2320 , that is, the month H143 Adar H7969 , on the thirteenth H6240   H3117 day H4428 of the same, when the king's H1697 commandment H1881 and his decree H5060 drew near [H8689]   H6213 to be put in execution [H8736]   H3117 , in the day H341 that the enemies [H8802]   H3064 of the Jews H7663 hoped [H8765]   H7980 to have power [H8800]   H2015 over them, (though it was turned [H8736]   H3064 to the contrary, that the Jews H7980 had rule [H8799]   H8130 over them that hated [H8802]   them;)