Romans 11:2-6

JMNT(i) 2 God does not (or: did not) thrust away His people – whom He by experience intimately foreknew! Or have you not seen, and thus perceive, in [the passage of] Elijah, what the Scripture is saying as he is repeatedly encountering in God (or: hitting on target when conversing with God), concerning the sphere and condition of (or: down against) Israel? 3 "O Lord [= O Yahweh], they kill Your prophets! They dig down under (thus: undermine to demolish) Your altars! And as for me, I was left under, alone (or: I'm the only one left below), and they continually seek (are continuously trying to find) my soul (my breath; = they want to kill me)." [1 King 19:10, 14] 4 To the contrary, what does the useful transaction (the deliberative instruction; the oracle) say to him? "I leave down (or: reserve) to Myself (for Myself; in Myself) [other MSS: They have been leaving for Myself] seven thousand adult males, those men who do not bend a knee to Baal." [1 Kings 19:18] 5 Thus then, also, within the present season (or: In this way, therefore, even in the current appropriate situation and in union with the present fertile moment) a destitute remainder (or: a forsaken minority under the effect of lack; a left-behind surviving group; a worn-smooth, plain, inferior, unsculptured, unembossed part; a remnant) has been birthed (has come to be and exists) down from a selection of grace (in accord with an election which is grace and a choosing-out for favor). 6 Now since (or: if) [it is] by grace (in a gift of favor), [it is] no longer from out of works (deeds; actions)! Otherwise grace (the joyous gift of favor) comes to be no longer grace (or: Else grace is no longer birthed, or comes to be, grace; [some MSS add: but if from out of works, it is no longer grace, otherwise the work is no longer work]).
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