Romans 11:2-6

Bishops(i) 2 God hath not cast away his people which he knewe before. Wote ye not what the scripture sayth of Elias? howe he maketh intercession to God, agaynst Israel 3 Saying: Lord, they haue kylled thy prophetes, and dygged downe thyne aulters: and I am left alone, and they seke my lyfe 4 But what sayth the aunswere of God vnto hym? I haue reserued vnto my selfe seuen thousande men, which haue not bowed the knee to [ye image of] Baal 5 Euen so at this tyme, there is a remnaunt, according to the election of grace 6 If it be of grace, then is it not nowe of workes: For the grace is no more grace. But yf it be of workes, then is it nowe no grace: For then worke is no more worke