Romans 11:2-6

  2 G2316 God G683 has not cast G683 away G2992 his people G3739 which G4267 he foreknew. G1492 Know G5101 you not what G1124 the scripture G3004 said G2243 of Elias? G5613 how G1793 he makes G1793 intercession G2316 to God G2596 against G2474 Israel G3004 saying,
  3 G2962 Lord, G615 they have killed G4396 your prophets, G2679 and dig G2679 down G4675 your G2379 altars; G5275 and I am left G3441 alone, G2212 and they seek G5590 my life.
  4 G5101 But what G3004 said G5538 the answer G2641 of God to him? I have reserved G1683 to myself G2035 seven G2035 thousand G435 men, G3748 who G2578 have not bowed G1119 the knee G896 to the image of Baal.
  5 G2532 Even G3779 so G3767 then G1722 at G3588 this G3568 present G2540 time G2532 also G3005 there is a remnant G2596 according G1589 to the election G5485 of grace.
  6 G1487 And if G5485 by grace, G3765 then is it no G2089 more G2041 of works: G1893 otherwise G5485 grace G3765 is no G2089 more G5485 grace. G1487 But if G2041 it be of works, G3765 then it is no G2089 more G5485 grace: G1893 otherwise G2041 work G3765 is no G2089 more G2041 work.