Romans 11:2-6

Tyndale(i) 2 god hath not cast awaye his people which he knew before. Ether wote ye not what the scripture sayth by the mouth of Helias how he maketh intercession to god agaynst Israel sayinge: 3 Lorde they have kylled thy prophetes and dygged doune thyn alters: and I am lefte only and they seke my lyfe. 4 But what sayth the answer of god to him agayne? I have reserved vnto me seven thousande men which have not bowed the knee to Baal. 5 Even so at this tyme ys ther a remnanaunt lefte thorow the eleccion of grace. 6 Yf it be of grace the is it not of workes. For then were grace no moare grace. Yf it be of workes then is it no moare grace. For then were deservyng no lenger deservynge.