Romans 11:2-6

ECB(i) 2 Elohim shoved not away his people whom he foreknew. Or perceive you not what the scripture words in Eli Yah? how he interceded to Elohim against Yisra El, wording, 3 Yah Veh, they slaughtered your prophets and dug your sacrifice altars! And also, I am behind alone and they seek my soul! 1 kings 19:10, 14 4 But what words the oracle to him? I leave to myself seven thousand men, who bow not the knee to Baal. 1 Kings 19:18 5 Thus also at this present season, there is a remnant according to the selection by charism: 6 and if by charism, it is not still by works: otherwise charism is not still by charism: and if by works, it is not still by charism: otherwise work is not still by work.