Revelation 14:9-11

JMNT(i) 9 And another, a third agent (or: messenger), followed them, repeatedly saying in a great voice, "If any one is continuously worshiping the little wild animal, and its image, and is continuously receiving an imprinted mark upon his forehead or upon his hand, 10 "he or she will also proceed drinking out of the wine of God's rushing emotion (strong passion; anger) – of the one having been mixed undiluted within the cup of His inherent fervor (natural bent; impulse; indignation; wrath). And he will proceed being examined (scrutinized with the touchstone to test his "mettle") within Fire and Deity (or: in union with Fire, even Divine qualities) in the presence of (before; in the sight of) the set-apart agents, and in the presence of (before) the little Lamb." 11 And so the smoke of their examination and testing by the touchstone continually ascends on into ages of the ages. And those continually worshiping the little animal and its image – and if any one continually receives the imprinted mark (carve-effect) of its name – they, continually, are not having rest day and night [comment: day and night are representations of time elapsing on earth].