Revelation 14:9-11

Wycliffe(i) 9 And the thridde aungel suede hem, and seide with a greet vois, If ony man worschipe the beeste, and the ymage of it, and takith the carecter in his forheed, ether in his hoond, 10 this schal drynke of the wyn of Goddis wraththe, that is meynd with clere wyn in the cuppe of his wraththe, and schal be turmentid with fier and brymston, in the siyt of hooli aungels, and bifore the siyt of the lomb. 11 And the smoke of her turmentis schal stie vp in to the worldis of worldis; nether thei han reste dai and niyt, whiche worschipiden the beeste and his ymage, and yf ony man take the carect of his name.