Galatians 3:10-13

JMNT(i) 10 You see, however many people continue their existence from the midst of observances and works of Law (= Everyone who lives by deeds and actions based upon the Torah) are continuously under a curse (a negative, down-focused or adversarial prayer; an imprecation), for it has been and now stands written, namely that, "A curse (or: an adversarial prayer; imprecation) [is settled] upon all (or: [is] added to everyone) not constantly remaining within all the things having been and standing written within the scroll of the Law [= Torah], in order to do them." [Deut. 27:26] 11 Now [the fact] that within [the] Law no one is in process of (or: in union with [the] Law or some legal practice or custom is no one normally) being rightwised (put in right relationship; made just, fair, equitable, set free from guilt, or, placed within the Way pointed out; also: = made a covenant member) at God's side (or: with God) [is] clearly visible and evident, because, "the fair and equitable man (the one in right relationship within the Way pointed out; the just one) will continue to live from out of faith (or: the one [who is] just from out of faith, trust, and conviction, will progressively live)," [Hab. 2:4] 12 yet the Law is not (or: [Torah] does not have its existence) [springing] forth from out of faith and trust, but to the contrary, "the one ‘doing and performing’ them shall be constantly living [his life] within them (or: in union with these things)." [Lev. 18:5] 13 Christ bought us [back] out (or: redeems and reclaims us out by payment of the ransom) from the midst of the curse (or: adversarial prayer; imprecation) of and from the Law, while becoming (or: birthing Himself to be) a curse (or: accursed One; an [embodied] adversarial prayer) for our sakes (or: over our [situation]) – for it has been and now stands written: "A curse (an adversarial prayer) [is settled] upon all (or: [is] added to everyone) continuing hanging upon a tree (or: wood; a stake or pole)" [Deut. 21:23, omitting the phrase “by God,” after the word “curse”] –