Galatians 3:10-13

Coverdale(i) 10 For as many as go aboute with the workes of the lawe, are vnder ye curse: For it is wrytte: Cursed be euery man, which cotynueth not in all thinges that are wrytte in the boke of the lawe, to do them. 11 That no man is iustified by the lawe in the sighte of God, it is euydet: For ye iust shal lyue by his faith. 12 The lawe is not of faith, but the ma that doth ye same, shal lyue therin. 13 But Christ hath delyuered vs from ye curse of the lawe, whan he became a curse for vs. (For it is wrytte: Cursed is euery man that hangeth on tre)