2 John

JMNT(i) 1 The old person, to a chosen-out (selected) Lady (feminine form: mistress; lord, female owner or authority), and to her children (born-ones), whom I love in truth and in union with reality (or: I truly love), and not I only, but also all those having come to know the Truth by personal experience and are now having insight of Reality, 2 because of the Truth and Reality [which is] continuously remaining (abiding; dwelling; staying) within us – and shall continue being with us on into the Age; 3 grace (or: Joyous favor), mercy [and] peace [= shalom] will continuously be with us from beside (or: in the presence of; along with) God the Father, and from beside (or: in the presence of; along with) Jesus Christ, the Father's Son, within Truth (or: in the midst of reality) and Love. 4 I was made exceedingly glad and joyful (or: was greatly graced) because I have met with and found folks from among your children [who are] continuously walking about within Truth (or: = living their lives in union with reality), according as we took in hand an implanted goal (impartation of the finished product within; inward purposed directive) from beside the Father. 5 And so now I am asking you, Lady, not as writing a new implanted goal (impartation of the finished product within; inward directive of destiny) to you, but one which we have had from [the] beginning (or: one which we originally had), to the intent that we may continuously be loving each other. 6 And this is Love: that we may be continuously walking about (= go on living our lives and ordering our behavior) according to (or: down from; in line with; on the level of; in the sphere of; commensurate with) His implanted goals (impartations of the finished destiny within; inward directives). This is the imparted and implanted goal, even as you heard from [the] beginning (or: even which you originally heard): that you would (or: could) be continuously walking about within it (= go on living your lives in union with it)! 7 Since many wandering-astray folks (or: many who lead astray; many deceivers) went out into the ordered System (world of religion, secular culture, economics and government) – those not continuously speaking like (saying the same thing as; confessing) Jesus presently coming in flesh (= a physical body; or: = in [their] inner self): this is the person wandering astray, even the one in opposition to Christ (the one instead of Christ; the one in place of Christ; or: the anti-anointing) – 8 be continuously seeing to yourselves (looking at yourselves), to the intent that you people would (or: may) not destroy (or: lose) what we [other MSS: you folks] did (produced; worked for), but rather may receive back full wages. 9 Everyone leading forward (going ahead; leading in advance; [some MSS: transgressing]) and yet not remaining (abiding; dwelling; staying) within Christ's teaching does not have God; the person remaining (dwelling; abiding; staying) within that teaching, this one continuously has (or: holds; possesses) both Father and Son (or: the Father and the Son). 10 If a certain person is continually coming toward you and yet is not normally carrying (or: habitually bearing; continually bringing) this teaching, do not repeatedly take him into a house, and do not continuously say to him, "Rejoice!" (= giving him a greeting). 11 You see, the person continually telling him to be rejoicing (= greeting him as an associate) is continually sharing in common existence with his worthless deeds (having fellowship with his acts which bring a gush of misery; maintaining partnership with his wicked and evil works; participating in his painful, toilsome and useless actions). 12 Having many things to write to you folks, I resolved not to – by means of paper and ink. For I am expecting (or: hoping) to come to y'all and to speak mouth-to-mouth, so that our [other MSS: your] joy can be "having been filled" (= be completely happy)! 13 The children of your chosen-out (selected) sister (= female fellow believer; or: = sister community of summoned forth folks) draw you to themselves (= greet you). [written circa A.D. 60-65 – Based on the critical analysis of John A.T. Robinson]