2 John

Mace(i) 1 The PRESBYTER to the lady ECLECTA and her children, whom I sincerely love, and not only I, but all true christians, 2 in consideration of the true doctrine, we all profess, and in which we shall for ever persevere. 3 Grace, mercy, and peace be with you from God the father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ the son of the father, in consequence of your sincere piety, and social virtue. 4 It was a great satisfaction to me, to see the conduct of your children, was so agreeable to the directions, we received from the father. 5 and now, my lady, I beg our love may be mutual, since what I write, is no new prescription, but what was originally enjoin'd. 6 now love consists in the practice of the divine precepts. this is the precept you have originally receiv'd, as the rule of your conduct. 7 For there are many impostors started up in the world, who will not own that Jesus Christ was incarnate. such a one is an impostor and an anti-christ. 8 be upon your guard, that we may not lose the fruit of our labours, but that we may receive our full reward. 9 no renegado that deserts the doctrine of Christ, has any interest in the deity: he that adheres to the doctrine of Christ, has an interest both in the father, and in the son. 10 whoever comes to you unaccompanied with this doctrine, don't admit him to your house, nor treat him with the common term of civility. 11 for he who shows that respect to such a man, is accessary to his wicked actions. 12 I had many things to write to you, but I don't think it proper to commit them to paper and ink, because I hope to make you a visit, and deliver them by word of mouth; that so our joy may be compleat. 13 The children of your sister ECLECTA salute you. AMEN.