2 John

Coverdale(i) 1 The Elder. To ye electe lady and hir childre whom I loue in the trueth: & not I onely, but all they also that haue knowne the trueth, 2 for the truthes sake which dwelleth in vs, and shalbe with vs for euer. 3 Grace, mercy, and peace be with you fro the LORDE Iesus Christ ye sonne of the father in the trueth and in loue. 4 I am greatly reioysed, that I haue founde amonge thy children, them that walke in ye trueth, as we haue receaued a commaundement of the father. 5 And now lady I beseke the (not as though I wrote a new commaundement vnto the, but the same which we haue had from the begynnynge) that we loue one another. 6 And this is the loue, that we walke after his commaundementes. This is the commaundement (as ye haue herde fro the begynnynge) that we shulde walke therin. 7 For many disceauers are come in to the worlde, which confesse not yt Iesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a disceauer and an Antechrist. 8 Take hede to youre selues, that we lose not that which we haue wrought, but that we maye receaue a full rewarde. 9 Whoso euer transgresseth, and abydeth not in the doctryne of Christ, hath not God: he that abydeth in ye doctryne of Christ, hath both the father and the sonne. 10 Yf eny man come vnto you, and brynge not this doctryne, receaue him not in to the house, nether salute him: 11 for he that saluteth him, is partaker of his euell dedes. 12 I had many thinges to wryte vnto you: neuertheles I wolde not wryte wt papyre and ynke, but I trust to come vnto you, and to speake with you mouth mouth, that oure ioye maye be full. 13 The children of thy electe sister salute the. Amen.