2 John

Matthew(i) 1 The elder to the electe Lady, and her children, whiche I loue in the trueth: and not I onelye, but also all that knowe the trueth, 2 for the truethes sake, whyche dwelleth in vs, and shalbe in vs for euer. 3 Wyth you be grace, mercye, and peace from God the father, and from the Lord Iesus Christ the sonne of the father, in trueth and loue. 4 I reioysed greatly, that I founde of thy children walking in trueth, as we haue receiued a commaundemente of the father. 5 And nowe beseche I the Ladye, not as though I wrote a newe commaundemente vnto the, but that same which we had from the beginning, that we should loue one another. 6 And this is the loue, that we shoulde walke after his commaundementes. Thys commaundemente is (that as ye haue hearde from the beginninge) ye shoulde walke in it. 7 For many deceyuers are entred into the worlde, whiche confesse not that Iesus Christe is come in the fleshe. Thys is a deceyuer and an Antichriste. 8 Loke on youre selues, that we lose not that we haue wrought but that we maye haue a full rewarde. 9 Whosoeuer transgresseth and bydeth not in the doctryne of Christe, hath not God. He that endureth in the doctrine of Christe, hath both the father and the sonne. 10 Yf there come any vnto you, and bringe not this learninge, him receiue not to house, neither byd hym God spede. 11 For he that biddeth him God spede, is partaker of his euyll dedes. 12 I had manye thinges to wryte vnto you, neuerthelesse I woulde not wryte wyth paper & ynke: but I trust to come vnto you, & speake wyth you mouth to mouth, that oure ioye maye be full. 13 The sonnes of thy electe sister grete the. Amen.