1 John

JMNT(i) 1 The One who was continuously existing from [the] beginning (or: He Who was progressively being parted away from Headship and Rule). The One whom we have listened to, and still hear; the One whom we have seen, and now yet perceive with our eyes (or: in our eyes); the One whom we gazed upon as a public spectacle (as an exhibit in a theater) and our hands handled (felt about for and touched) – groping around the Word of the Life (or: the Logos, which is the Life; the thought which pertains to life; the Idea from the Life; the message which has the character and qualities of the Life; the Reason which belongs to the Life; [note: I have treated ho as the definite article in the first four phrases here and in vs. 3; many treat it as a neuter relative and render it: That which]) 2 And the Life was manifested (or: is brought into the clear light and made visible) and we have seen, and still observe, and are repeatedly testifying (bearing witness; giving evidence) and in a message are constantly reporting to you folks the Life which has the character and qualities of the Age (or: the life of, for and pertaining to the ages; eonian life) which Certain [Life] was continuously existing [oriented and proceeding] toward (or: was face to face with) the Father, and was manifested (or: is made visible) to us, in us, by us, and for us. 3 The One whom we have seen, and still now see, and we have heard, and now continue listening to and hearing, we are also constantly reporting to you, to the end that you, too, may be continuously having common being and existence (or: would be progressively holding partnership and participation) with us. And yet, our common being and existence (or: participation; fellowship; partnership; sharing) [is] with the Father, even with His Son (or: as well as with the Son from Him; or, in apposition: and with the Son which is Him), Jesus Christ. 4 And so we ourselves are proceeding in writing these things, to the end that your joy [other MSS: our joy] would continually exist having been filled up and then continue full. 5 And this is the message (or: And it is this message) which we have heard – and still hear – from Him, and we are continually bringing back tidings (or: announcing again) to and among you people that God continuously exists being (or: is) Light, and within Him darkness and obscurity do not exist – not even one (or: and so, there is absolutely no dimness or shadiness in Him). 6 If we should up and say that we are continuously having common being (or: constantly enjoying fellowship, participation and partnership) with Him and yet may be habitually walking round about (= living our lives) within the Darkness and the dim realm of shadows [note: a figure of ignorance, or the obscure previous way of seeing reality; the existence before the Breath-effect vibrated over us], we are constantly lying (speaking falsely) and are not in the habit of doing the truth (or: are not constructing, practicing or producing reality). 7 Yet if we keep on walking about (= continue living our life) within the midst of and in union with the Light, as He exists (or: is) within the Light, we constantly have common being and existence (or: hold common fellowship, participation and enjoy partnership) with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, keeps continually and repeatedly cleansing us (or: is progressively rendering us pure) from every sin (or: from all error, failure, deviation, mistake, and from every [successive] shot that is off target [when it occurs]). 8 If we should up and say that we have no error (or: do not periodically possess deviation or hold sin and mistake), we are continuously leading ourselves astray (or: deceiving ourselves and driving ourselves off the Path), and the Truth is not (or: reality does not exist) within us. 9 If it would be our habit to confess (admit; avow; say the same thing as; speak in accordance with; or: would continue in agreement [about]) our error (our failure; our sin; our mistake), He is constantly faithful and just (fair; in accord with the Way pointed out and in right relationship; rightwised), to the end that He would at once send away for us (or: dismiss or pardon and cause to flow away in us) the errors ([some MSS add: our] failures, mistakes and deviations) and then would cleanse [other MSS: He will cleanse] us from all injustice (all that is contrary to the Way pointed out; every unrighteousness; all unfairness, inequity and unrighteous relationships; every behavior that is turned in the wrong direction). 10 If we would say that we have not failed to hit the target (or: sinned; made a mistake; erred; deviated), and exist thus, we habitually make Him a liar (one who utters falsehood), and His Word (Thought; Idea; message; Logos) does not exist among (or: is not within) us.