Joshua 3:15

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  15 H935 וכבוא were come H5375 נשׂאי And as they that bore H727 הארון the ark H5704 עד unto H3383 הירדן Jordan, H7272 ורגלי and the feet H3548 הכהנים of the priests H5375 נשׂאי that bore H727 הארון the ark H2881 נטבלו were dipped H7097 בקצה in the brim H4325 המים of the water, H3383 והירדן (for Jordan H4390 מלא overfloweth H5921 על overfloweth H3605 כל all H1415 גדותיו his banks H3605 כל all H3117 ימי the time H7105 קציר׃ of harvest,)