Isaiah 41:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H4310 מי Who H5782 העיר raised up H4217 ממזרח from the east, H6664 צדק the righteous H7121 יקראהו called H7272 לרגלו him to his foot, H5414 יתן gave H6440 לפניו before H1471 גוים the nations H4428 ומלכים over kings? H7287 ירד him, and made rule H5414 יתן he gave H6083 כעפר as the dust H2719 חרבו to his sword, H7179 כקשׁ stubble H5086 נדף as driven H7198 קשׁתו׃ to his bow.