2 Kings 13:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H3588 כי but H3808 לא   H7604 השׁאיר did he leave H3059 ליהואחז to Jehoahaz H5971 עם of the people H3588 כי for H518 אם but H2572 חמשׁים fifty H6571 פרשׁים horsemen, H6235 ועשׂרה and ten H7393 רכב chariots, H6235 ועשׂרת and ten H505 אלפים thousand H7273 רגלי footmen; H3588 כי   H6 אבדם had destroyed H4428 מלך the king H758 ארם of Syria H7760 וישׂמם them, and had made H6083 כעפר them like the dust H1758 לדשׁ׃ by threshing.