Isaiah 10:14

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  14 H4672 ותמצא hath found H7064 כקן as a nest H3027 ידי And my hand H2428 לחיל the riches H5971 העמים of the people: H622 וכאסף and as one gathereth H1000 ביצים eggs H5800 עזבות left, H3605 כל all H776 הארץ the earth; H589 אני have I H622 אספתי gathered H3808 ולא none H1961 היה and there was H5074 נדד that moved H3671 כנף the wing, H6475 ופצה or opened H6310 פה the mouth, H6850 ומצפצף׃ or peeped.
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