Ezekiel 47:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H5921 ועל And by H5158 הנחל the river H5927 יעלה shall grow H5921 על upon H8193 שׂפתו the bank H2088 מזה thereof, on this side H2088 ומזה and on that side, H3605 כל all H6086 עץ trees H3978 מאכל for meat, H3808 לא shall not H5034 יבול fade, H5929 עלהו whose leaf H3808 ולא neither H8552 יתם thereof be consumed: H6529 פריו shall the fruit H2320 לחדשׁיו according to his months, H1069 יבכר it shall bring forth new fruit H3588 כי because H4325 מימיו their waters H4480 מן thereof, on this side H4720 המקדשׁ the sanctuary: H1992 המה they H3318 יוצאים issued out H1961 והיו thereof shall be H6529 פריו and the fruit H3978 למאכל for meat, H5929 ועלהו and the leaf H8644 לתרופה׃ thereof for medicine.