Ezekiel 16:41

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  41 H8313 ושׂרפו And they shall burn H1004 בתיך thine houses H784 באשׁ with fire, H6213 ועשׂו and execute H8201 בך שׁפטים judgments H5869 לעיני upon thee in the sight H802 נשׁים women: H7227 רבות of many H7673 והשׁבתיך and I will cause thee to cease H2181 מזונה from playing the harlot, H1571 וגם and thou also H868 אתנן hire H3808 לא no H5414 תתני shalt give H5750 עוד׃ any more.