Ezekiel 37:23

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  23 H3808 ולא Neither H2930 יטמאו shall they defile H5750 עוד themselves any more H1544 בגלוליהם with their idols, H8251 ובשׁקוציהם nor with their detestable things, H3605 ובכל nor with any H6588 פשׁעיהם of their transgressions: H3467 והושׁעתי but I will save H853 אתם   H3605 מכל them out of all H4186 מושׁבתיהם their dwelling places, H834 אשׁר wherein H2398 חטאו they have sinned, H2891 בהם וטהרתי and will cleanse H853 אותם   H1961 והיו them: so shall they be H5971 לי לעם my people, H589 ואני and I H1961 אהיה will be H430 להם לאלהים׃ their God.