2 Samuel 19:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H157 לאהבה In that thou lovest H853 את   H8130 שׂנאיך thine enemies, H8130 ולשׂנא and hatest H853 את   H157 אהביך thy friends. H3588 כי For H5046 הגדת thou hast declared H3117 היום this day, H3588 כי that H369 אין thou regardest neither H8269 לך שׂרים princes H5650 ועבדים nor servants: H3588 כי for H3045 ידעתי I perceive, H3117 היום this day H3588 כי that H3863 לא if H53 אבשׁלום Absalom H2416 חי had lived, H3605 וכלנו and all H3117 היום this day, H4191 מתים we had died H3588 כי   H227 אז then H3477 ישׁר it had pleased thee well. H5869 בעיניך׃ it had pleased thee well.