2 Samuel 12:4

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  4 H935 ויבא And there came H1982 הלך a traveler H376 לאישׁ man, H6223 העשׁיר unto the rich H2550 ויחמל and he spared H3947 לקחת to take H6629 מצאנו of his own flock H1241 ומבקרו and of his own herd, H6213 לעשׂות to dress H732 לארח for the wayfaring man H935 הבא that was come H3947 לו ויקח unto him; but took H853 את   H3535 כבשׂת lamb, H376 האישׁ man's H7326 הראשׁ the poor H6213 ויעשׂה and dressed H376 לאישׁ it for the man H935 הבא that was come H413 אליו׃ to