Psalms 120

Great(i) 1 A songe of the steares. When I was in trouble, I called vpon the Lorde, and he hearde me. 2 Delyuer my soule, O Lorde, from lyenge lyppes, and from a disceatfull tonge. 3 What rewarde shall be geuen or done vnto the, thou false tonge? 4 Euen myghtie & sharpe arowes, wt hote burnynge coales. 5 Woo is me, that I am constrayned to dwell with Mesech, and to haue myne habitacyon amonge the tentes of Cedar. 6 My soule hath longe dwelt amonge them, that be enemyes vnto peace. 7 I laboure for peace, but when I speake therof, they make them to battayle.