Psalms 119

Great(i) 1 Blessed are those that be vndefyled in the waye: and walke in the lawe of the Lorde. 2 Blessed are they that kepe hys testimonies, and seke hym wyth theyr whole herte. 3 For they whych do no wyckednes, walke in hys wayes. 4 Thou hast charged that we shall diligently kepe thy commaundementes. 5 O that my wayes were made so directe, that I myght kepe thy statutes. 6 So shall I not be confounded, whyle I haue respecte vnto al thy commaundementes. 7 I wyl thanke the wyth an vnfayned herte, whan I shall haue learned the iudgementes of thy ryghteousnesse 8 I wyll kepe thy ceremonies, O forsake me not vtterly. 9 Where wyth all shall a yonge man clense hys waye? Euen by rulynge hymselfe after thy worde. 10 Wyth my whole herte haue I sought the. O let me not go wronge out of thy commaundementes. 11 Thy wordes haue I hyd wythin my herte, that I shulde not synne agaynst the. 12 Blessed art thou O Lorde, O teach me thy statutes. 13 Wyth my lyppes haue I bene tellynge of all the iudgementes of thy mouth. 14 I haue hadde as great delyte in the waye of thy testimonies, as in all maner of ryches. 15 I wyll talke of thy commaundementes, and haue respect vnto thy wayes. 16 My delyte shalbe in thy statutes, and I wyll not forget thy worde. 17 O do wel vnto thy seruaunt, that I may lyue and kepe thy worde. 18 Open thou mine eyes, that I maye se the wonderous thinges of thy lawe. 19 I am a straunger vpon earth, O hyde not thy commaundementes from me. 20 My soule breaketh out, for the very feruent desyre that it hath alway vnto thy iudgementes. 21 Thou hast rebuked the proude, and cursed are they that do erre from thy commaundementes. 22 O turne fro me shame and rebuke, for I haue kept thy testimonies. 23 Prynces also dyd sytte & speake agaynst me, but thy seruaunt is occupied in thy statutes. 24 For thy testimonies are my delyte, and my councelers. 25 My soule cleaueth to the dust, O quycken thou me accordynge to thy worde. 26 I haue knowledged my wayes, and thou herdest me, O teach me thy statutes. 27 Make me to vnderstande the waye of thy commaundementes, and so shall I talke of thy wonderous workes. 28 My soule melteth awaye for very heuynesse, comforte thou me accordyng vnto thy worde. 29 Take from me the way of lyeng, & cause thou me to make much of thy lawe. 30 I haue chosen the waye of truth, and thy iudgementes haue I layed before me. 31 I haue stycken vnto thy testimonies, O Lorde confounde me not. 32 I wyll runne the waye of thy commaundementes, when thou hast set my herte at lybertie. 33 Teach me O Lorde the waye of thy statutes, and I shal kepe it vnto the ende. 34 Geue me vnderstandynge, and I shall kepe thy lawe, yee I shall kepe it wyth my whole herte. 35 Make me to go in the path of thy commaundementes, for therin is my desyre. 36 Enclyne my herte vnto thy testimonies, and not to couetousnesse. 37 O turne awaye myne eyes, lest they beholde vanitie: and quycken thou me in thy waye. 38 O stablysh thy worde in thy seruaunt that I maye feare the. 39 Take awaye the rebuke that I am afrayed of, for thy iudgementes are good. 40 Beholde, my delyte is in thy commaundementes, O quycken me in thy ryghteousnesse. 41 Let thy louynge mercy come also vnto me, O Lorde, euen thy saluacion accordyng vnto thy word. 42 So shal I make answere vnto my blasphemers, for my trust is in thy worde. 43 O take not the worde of treuth vtterly oute of my mouth, for my hope is in thy iudgementes. 44 So shall I alwaye kepe thy lawe, yee for euer & euer. 45 And I will walke at liberty, for I seke thy commaundementes. 46 I wyll speake of thy testimonies also euen before kynges, & wyll not be ashamed. 47 And my delite shalbe in thy commaundementes, which I haue loued. 48 My handes also wyll I lyfte vp vnto thy commaundementes whyche I haue loued, and my studye shalbe in thy statutes. 49 O, thincke vpon thy seruaunt as concernynge thy worde, wherin thou hast caused me to put my trust. 50 The same is my comforte in my trouble, for thy worde hath quyckned me. 51 The proude haue had me exceadyngly in derision yet haue I not shrynked from thy lawe. 52 For I remembred thyne euerlastynge iudgementes, O Lorde, and receaued conforte: 53 I am horriblye afrayed for the vngodly, that forsake thy lawe. 54 Thy statutes haue bene my songes, in the house of my pilgremage. 55 I haue thought vpon thy name, O Lorde, in the night season, and haue kept thy lawe. 56 Thys I hadde, because I kepte thy commaundementes. 57 Thou arte my porcion, O Lorde, I haue promysed to kepe thy lawe. 58 I made myne humble peticion in thy presence with my whole herte, O be mercyfull vnto me accordynge vnto thy worde. 59 I call myne owne wayes to remembraunce, and tourne my fete into thy testimonie 60 I made haste, and prolonged not the tyme, to kepe thy commaundementes. 61 The congregacions of the vngodly haue robbed me, but I haue not forgotten thy law. 62 At mydnyght wyll I ryse, to gyue thankes vnto the, bycause of thy ryghtuous iudgementes. 63 I am a companion of all them that feare the and kepe thy commaundementes. 64 The earth, O Lorde, is full of thy mercy. O teache me thy statutes. 65 O Lord, thou hast dealt graciously with thy seruaunt accordynge vnto thy worde. 66 O learne me true vnderstandynge, and knowledge, for I haue beleued thy commaundementes. 67 Before I was troubled, I went wronge, but nowe haue I kept thy worde. 68 Thou art good and gracious, O teach me thy statutes. 69 The proude haue ymagined a lye agaynst me, but I wyll kepe thy commaundementes wyth my whole herte. 70 Theyr herte is as fat as brawne, but my delyte hath bene in thy lawe: 71 It is good for me that I haue bene in trouble, that I maye learne thy statutes. 72 The lawe of thy mouth is dearer vnto me, then thousandes of golde and syluer. 73 Thy handes haue made me and fashioned me, O geue me vnderstandynge, that I maye learne thy commaundementes. 74 They that feare the, wyll be glad when they se me, because I haue put my trust in thy worde. 75 I knowe, O Lorde, thay thy iudgementes are ryght, & that thou of very faythfulnesse haste caused me to be troubled. 76 O Let thy mercyfull kyndnesse be my comforte, accordyng to thy worde vnto thy seruaunte. 77 O let thy louynge mercyes come vnto me, that I may lyue, for thy lawe is my delyte. 78 Let the proude be confounded, for they go wyckedly aboute to destroye me: but I wyll be occupyed in thy commaundementes. 79 Let soch as feare the, and haue knowen thy testimonies, be turned vnto me. 80 O let myne herte be sounde in thy statutes, that I be not ashamed. 81 My soule hath longed for thy saluacion: and I haue a good hope because of thy worde. 82 Myne eyes longe sore for thy worde, sayenge. O whan wylte thou comforte me. 83 For I am become lyke a bottell in the smoke, yet do not I forget thy statutes. 84 How many are the dayes of thy seruaunt? when wylt thou be auenged of them that persecute me? 85 The proude haue dygged pyttes for me, whych are not after thy lawe. 86 All thy commaundementes are true, they persecute me falsly, O be thou my helpe. 87 They had almost made an ende of me vpon earth, but I forsoke not thy commaundementes. 88 O quycken me after thy louyng kyndnes, & so shall I kepe the testimonies of thy mouth. 89 O Lorde, thy worde endureth for euer in heauen. 90 Thy truth also remayneth from one generacion to another: thou haste layed the foundacion of the earth, and it abydeth. 91 They continue thys daye accordynge to thyne ordinaunce, for all thynges serue the. 92 If my delyte had not bene in thy lawe, I shulde haue peryshed in my trouble. 93 I wyl neuer forget thy commaundementes, for with them thou hast quickened me. 94 I am thyne, Oh saue me, for I haue sought thy commaundementes. 95 The vngodly layed wayte for me to destroye me, but I wyll consyder thy testimonies. 96 I se that al thynges come to an ende, but thy commaundement is exceadynge broade. 97 What loue haue I vnto thy lawe? al the daye longe is my studye in it. 98 Thou thorow thy commaundementes hast made me wyser than myne enemyes, for they are euer with me. 99 I haue more vnderstandynge than my teachers, for thy testimonies are my studie. 100 I am wyser then the aged, bycause I kepte thy commaundementes. 101 I haue refrayned my fete from euery euel way, that I may kepe thy worde 102 I haue not shrynked from thy iudgementes, for thou teachest me. 103 O how swete are thy wordes vnto my throte? Yee sweter than hony vnto my mouth. 104 Thorowe thy commaundementes I get vnderstandynge, therfore I hate all wycked wayes. 105 Thy worde is a lanterne vnto my fete, and a lyght vnto my pathes. 106 I haue sworne and am stedfastly purposed, to kepe thy righteous iudgementes. 107 I am troubled aboue measure: quycken me, O Lorde, accordynge vnto thy worde. 108 Let the fre wyll offerynges of my mouth please the, O Lorde, and teache me thy iudgementes. 109 My soule is alwaye in my hande, yet do not I forget thy lawe. 110 The vngodly haue layed a snare for me, but yet swarued not I from thy commaundementes. 111 Thy testymonies haue I claymed as myne heritage for euer: and why? they are the very ioye of my hert. 112 I haue applied myne herte to fulfyll thy statutes alwaye, euen vnto the ende. 113 I hate them that ymagen euell thynges, but thy lawe do I loue. 114 Thou art my defence and shylde, and my trust is in thy worde. 115 Awaye fro me ye wycked, I will kepe the commaundementes of my God. 116 O stablishe me accordinge vnto thy worde, that I maye lyue, and let me not be disapoynted of my hope. 117 Holde thou me vp, and I shall be safe: yee my delite shall euer be in thy statutes. 118 Thou hast troden downe all them that departe from thy statutes, for they ymagin, but disceate. 119 Thou puttest awaye all the vngodly of the earth lyke drosse therfore I loue thy testimonyes. 120 My fleshe trembleth for feare of the, and I am afrayed of thy iudgementes. 121 I deale with the thynge that is laufull & ryght, O geue me not ouer vnto myne oppressours. 122 Make thou thy seruaunt to delyte in that which is good, that the proude do me no wronge. 123 Myne eyes are wasted awaye with lokynge for thy health, and for the worde of thy ryghteousnesse. 124 O deale wyth thy seruaunt accordynge vnto thy louynge mercy, and teache me thy statutes. 125 I am thy seruaunt. O graunte me vnderstandinge, that I maye knowe thy testimonyes. 126 It is tyme for the Lorde to laye to thyne hande, for they haue destroyed thy lawe. 127 For I loue thy commaundementes aboue gold & precious stone. 128 Therfore holde I streyght all thy commaundementes and all false wayes I vtterly abhorre. 129 Thy testimonyes are wonderfull, therfore doth my soule kepe them. 130 When thy worde goeth forth, it geueth lyght and vnderstandynge euen vnto the symple. 131 I opened my mouth and drewe in my breath, for my delyte was in thy commaundementes. 132 O loke thou vpon me, & be mercyfull vnto me, as thou vsest to do vnto those that loue thy name. 133 Order my steppes in thy worde, and so shall no wyckednesse haue dominion ouer me. 134 O delyuer me from the wrongeous dealynges of men, and so shall I kepe thy commaundementes. 135 Shewe the lyght of thy countenaunce vpon thy seruaunt, and teache me thy statutes. 136 Myne eyes gusshe out wyth water, because men kepe not thy lawe. 137 Ryghteous art thou, O Lorde, and true is thy iudgement. 138 The testimonies that thou hast commaunded are exceadynge ryghteous and true. 139 My zele hath euen consumed me, because myne enemyes haue forgotten thy wordes. 140 Thy worde is tried to the vttermost, and thy seruaunte loueth it. 141 I am small and of no reputacyon, yet do not I forget thy commaundementes. 142 The righteousnesse is an euerlastinge righteousnes, and thy lawe is the trueth. 143 Trouble and heuynesse haue taken holde vpon me, yet is my delyte in thy commaundementes. 144 The ryghteousnesse of thy testimonyes is euerlastynge, O graunte me vnderstandynge, & I shall lyue. 145 I call wt my whole hert, heare me, O Lord, I will kepe thy statutes. 146 Yee euen vpon the do I call, helpe me, and I shall kepe thy testimonies. 147 Early in the mornynge do I crye vnto the, for in thy word is my trust. 148 Myne eyes preuente the nyght watches, that I myggt be occupied in thy wordes. 149 Heare my voyce, O Lord, accordinge vnto thy louinge kyndnesse: quycken me accordynge as thou art wont. 150 They drawe nye that of malice persecute me, and are farre from thy lawe. 151 Be thou nye at hande, O Lorde, for all thy commaundementes are true. 152 As concernynge thy testimonyes, I haue knowne longe sens, that thou hast grounded them for euer. 153 O consydre myne aduersyte, and delyuer me, for I do not forget thy lawe 154 Auenge thou my cause, and delyuer me, quycken me accordynge vnto thy worde. 155 Health is farre from the vngodly, for they regarde not thy statutes. 156 Greate is thy mercy, O Lorde, quycken me as thou art wont. 157 Many there are that trouble me, and persecute me, yet do not I swarue from thy testimonyes. 158 It greueth me, when I se the transgressours: because they kepe not thy lawe. 159 Consydre, O Lorde, howe I loue thy commaundementes, O quycken me accordynge to thy louinge kyndnesse. 160 Thy worde is true from euerlastynge, all the iudgementes of thy ryghteousnesse endure for euer more. 161 Prynces haue persecuted me wythout cause, but my herte standeth in awe of thy wordes. 162 I am as glad of thy worde, as one that fyndeth greate spoyles. 163 As for lyes, I hate and abhorre them, but thy lawe do I loue. 164 Seuen tymes a daye do I prayse the, because of thy ryghteous iudgementes. 165 Greate is the peace that they haue whych loue thy lawe, and they are not offended at it. 166 Lord, I haue loked for thy sauynge health, and done after thy commaundementes. 167 My soule hath kept thy testimonyes, and loued them exceadyngly. 168 I haue kept thy commaundementes and testimonyes, for all my wayes are before the. 169 Let my complaynte come before the, O Lorde, geue me vnderstandynge, accordinge vnto thy worde. 170 Oh let my supplicacyon come before the, delyuer me accordynge to thy worde. 171 My lippes shall speake of thy prayse, whan thou hast taught me thy statutes. 172 Yee, my tonge shall synge of thy worde, for all thy commaundementes are ryghteous. 173 Let thyne hande helpe me, for I haue chosen thy commaundementes. 174 I haue longed for thy sauynge health, O Lord, and in thy lawe is my delite. 175 Oh let my soule lyue and it shall prayse the, and thy iudgementes shall helpe me. 176 I haue gone astraye, lyke a shepe that is lost: Oh seke thy seruaunt, for I do not forget thy commaundementes.