Psalms 120

  1 H6869 A Song of Ascents.
In my distress
H7121 I cried H3068 unto Jehovah, H6030 And he answered me.
  2 H5337 Deliver H5315 my soul, H3068 O Jehovah, H8267 from lying H8193 lips, H7423 And from a deceitful H3956 tongue.
  3 H5414 What shall be given H3254 unto thee, and what shall be done H7423 more unto thee, Thou deceitful H3956 tongue?
  4 H8150 Sharp H2671 arrows H1368 of the mighty, H1513 With coals H7574 of juniper.
  5 H190 Woe H1481 is me, that I sojourn H4902 in Meshech, H7931 That I dwell H168 among the tents H6938 of Kedar!
  6 H5315 My soul H7227 hath long H7931 had her dwelling H8130 With him that hateth H7965 peace.
  7 H7965 I am for peace: H1696 But when I speak, H4421 they are for war.