Psalms 120

Bishops(i) 1 When I was in trouble I called vpon God: and he hearde me 2 Deliuer my soule O God from false lyppes: & from a deceiptful tongue 3 What doth a deceiptfull tongue vnto thee? what good bryngeth it thee 4 [So much] as sharpe arrowes of a strong man [in thy sydes:] with Iuniper coales [powred on thy head. 5 Wo be vnto me that am constrayned to be conuersaunt in Mesech: and to dwell among the tentes of Cedar 6 My soule hath dwelt long: with hym that hateth peace 7 I [am a man] of peace: but because I do speake therof, they [prepare] them selues to battayle