Psalms 120

Wycliffe(i) 1 The `title of the hundrid and twentithe salm. The song of greces. I reiside myn iyen to the hillis; fro whannus help schal come to me. 2 Myn help is of the Lord; that made heuene and erthe. 3 The Lord yyue not thi foot in to mouyng; nether he nappe, that kepith thee. 4 Lo! he schal not nappe, nether slepe; that kepith Israel. 5 The Lord kepith thee; the Lord is thi proteccioun aboue thi riythond. 6 The sunne schal not brenne thee bi dai; nether the moone bi nyyt. 7 The Lord kepe thee fro al yuel; the Lord kepe thi soule. 8 The Lord kepe thi goyng in and thi goyng out; fro this tyme now and in to the world.