Proverbs 19

Great(i) 1 Better is the pore that lyueth godly, then the blasphemer that is but a fole. 2 Where no discrecyon is, there the soule is inclined to the thyng that is not good, and is swyft on fote, and offendeth. 3 Folysshenes maketh a man to go out of hys waye, & then is hys herte vnpacient against the Lorde. 4 Ryches make many frendes: but the pore is forsaken of hys neyghboure. 5 A false witnes shall not remayne vnpunysshed: and he that speaketh lyes shall not escape. 6 The multitude hangeth vpon great men: and euery man fauoureth hym that geueth rewardes. 7 As for the poore, he is hated amonge all his brethren: yee, hys awne frendes withdrawe from him: and yf he aske them the cause, they dysdayne to answere hym. 8 He that is wyse, loueth hys awne soule: and kepeth vnderstandinge, that he maye prospere. 9 A false witnes shall not remayne vnpunyshed: and he that speaketh lyes shall peryshe. 10 Pleasure becommeth not a foole, moch more vnsemely is it, a bonde man to haue the rule of prynces. 11 A wyse man can put of displeasure: and it is hys honoure to lett some fautes passe. 12 The kynges dysfauoure is lyke the roarynge of a lyon, but hys frendshypis lyke the dewe vpon the grasse. 13 An vndyscrete sonne is the heuynes of his father: & a braulyng wyfe is lyke the top of an house, where thorowe it is euer droppynge. 14 House and rychesse maye a man haue by the herytage of hys elders: but a dyscrete woman is the gyft of the Lorde. 15 Slouthfulnes bryngeth slepe: and a soule accustomed with crafte shall suffre honger. 16 Whoso kepeth the commaundment, kepeth his awne soule: but he that regardeth not hys waye, shall dye. 17 He that hath pitye vpon the poore, lendeth vnto the Lorde: and loke what he layeth out, it shalbe payed hym agayne. 18 Chasten thy sonne whyle there is hope: but let not thy soule be moued to slaye hym. 19 A man of great wrath beareth a payne: and though thou once deliuer him, thou must agayne do asmoch for him. 20 O geue care vnto good councell, and be content to be reformed, that thou mayest be wyse in thy latter dayes. 21 There are many deuyces in a mans herte: neuertheles, the councell of the Lorde shall stande. 22 It is a mans worship to do good: & better it is to be a pore man then a dissembler. 23 The feare of the Lord bringeth a man to lyfe: and he shall rest the hole night in plenteousnes, without visitacyon of anye plage. 24 A slouthfull man shuteth his handes into his bosom, as into the pot: and wyll not take payne to put it to hys mouth. 25 If thou smytest a scornefull persone, the ignoraunt shall take better heed: and yf thou reprouest one that hath vnderstondynge, he wylbe the wyser. 26 He that hurteth his father or shuteth out hys mother, is a shamefull and an vnworthy sonne. 27 My sonne, heare nomore the doctrine that leadeth the vnto errours from the wordes of vnderstondinge. 28 A false witnes laugheth iudgement to scorne: and the mouth of the vngodly eateth wickednesse. 29 Punyshementes are ordeyned for the scornefull: and stryppes for fooles backes.