Proverbs 19

  1 H2896 Better H7326 is the poor H1980 that walks H8537 in his integrity, H6141 than he that is perverse H8193 in his lips, H3684 and is a fool.
  2 H5315 Also, that the soul H1847 be without knowledge, H2896 it is not good; H213 and he that hastens H7272 with his feet H2398 sins.
  3 H200 The foolishness H120 of man H5557 perverts H1870 his way: H3820 and his heart H2196 frets H3068 against the Lord.
  4 H1952 Wealth H3254 makes H7227 many H7453 friends; H1800 but the poor H6504 is separated H7453 from his neighbor.
  5 H8267 A false H5707 witness H5352 shall not be unpunished, H6315 and he that speaks H3577 lies H4422 shall not escape.
  6 H7227 Many H2470 will entreat H6440 the favor H5081 of the prince: H7453 and every man is a friend H376 to him H4976 that gives gifts.
  7 H251 All the brothers H7326 of the poor H8130 do hate H4828 him: how much more do his friends H7368 go far H7291 from him? he pursues H561 them with words, yet they are wanting to him.
  8 H7069 He that gets H3820 wisdom H157 loves H5315 his own soul: H8104 he that keeps H8394 understanding H4672 shall find H2896 good.
  9 H8267 A false H5707 witness H5352 shall not be unpunished, H6315 and he that speaks H3577 lies H6 shall perish.
  10 H8588 Delight H5000 is not seemly H3684 for a fool; H5650 much less for a servant H4910 to have rule H8269 over princes.
  11 H7922 The discretion H120 of a man H748 defers H639 his anger; H8597 and it is his glory H5674 to pass over H6588 a transgression.
  12 H4428 The king's H2197 wrath H5099 is as the roaring H3715 of a lion; H7522 but his favor H2919 is as dew H6212 upon the grass.
  13 H3684 A foolish H1121 son H1942 is the calamity H1 of his father: H4079 and the contentions H802 of a wife H2956 are a continual H1812 dropping.
  14 H1004 House H1952 and riches H5159 are the inheritance H1 of fathers: H7919 and a prudent H802 wife H3068 is from the Lord.
  15 H6103 Slothfulness H5307 casts H8639 into a deep sleep; H7423 and an idle H5315 soul H7456 shall suffer hunger.
  16 H8104 He that keeps H4687 the commandment H8104 keeps H5315 his own soul; H959 but he that despises H1870 his ways H4191 shall die.
  17 H2603 He that has pity H1800 upon the poor H3867 lends H3068 unto the Lord; H1576 and that which he has given H7999 will he pay him again.
  18 H3256 Chasten H1121 your son H3426 while there is H8615 hope, H5315 and let not your soul H5375 spare H4191 for his crying.
  19 H1419 A man H1632 of great H2534 wrath H5375 shall suffer H6066 punishment: H5337 for if you deliver H3254 him, yet you must do it again.
  20 H8085 Hear H6098 counsel, H6901 and receive H4148 instruction, H2449 that you may be wise H319 in your latter end.
  21 H7227 There are many H4284 devices H376 in a man's H3820 heart; H6098 nevertheless the counsel H3068 of the Lord, H6965 that shall stand.
  22 H8378 The desire H120 of a man H2617 is his kindness: H7326 and a poor man H2896 is better H376 than H3577 a liar.
  23 H3374 The fear H3068 of the Lord H2416 tends to life: H3885 and he that has it shall stay H7649 satisfied; H6485 he shall not be visited H7451 with evil.
  24 H6102 A slothful H2934 man hides H3027 his hand H6747 in his bosom, H7725 and will not so much as bring H6310 it to his mouth H7725 again.
  25 H5221 Strike H3887 a scorner, H6612 and the simple H6191 will beware: H3198 and reprove H995 one that has understanding, H995 and he will understand H1847 knowledge.
  26 H7703 He that wastes H1 his father, H1272 and chases away H517 his mother, H1121 is a son H954 that causes shame, H2659 and brings reproach.
  27 H2308 Cease, H1121 my son, H8085 to hear H4148 the instruction H7686 that causes to err H561 from the words H1847 of knowledge.
  28 H1100 An ungodly H5707 witness H3887 scorns H4941 judgment: H6310 and the mouth H7563 of the wicked H1104 devours H205 iniquity.
  29 H8201 Judgments H3559 are prepared H3887 for scorners, H4112 and stripes H1460 for the back H3684 of fools.