Proverbs 19

Coverdale(i) 1 Better is the poore that lyueth godly, the the blasphemer that is but a foole. 2 Where no discrecion is, there the soule is not well: and who so is swifte on fote, stombleth hastely. 3 Foolishnesse maketh a man to go out of his waye, & then is his herte vnpacient agaynst the LORDE. 4 Riches make many frendes, but the poore is forsake of his owne frendes. 5 A false wytnesse shal not remayne vnpunyshed, and he that speaketh lyes shal not escape. 6 The multitude hageth vpo greate men, & euery man fauoureth him that geueth rewardes. 7 As for the poore, he is hated amonge all his brethren: yee his owne frendes forsake him, & he that geueth credece vnto wordes, getteth nothinge. 8 He that is wyse, loueth his owne soule: and who so hath vnderstondinge, shal prospere. 9 A false wytnesse shal not remayne vnpunyshed, & he yt speaketh lyes shal perishe. 10 Delicate ease becometh not a foole, moch more vnsemely is it, a bonde man to haue ye rule of prynces. 11 A wyse man putteth of displeasure, & it is his honor to let some fautes passe. 12 The kynges disfauor is like ye roaringe of a Lyo, but his fredshpe is like the dewe vpo ye grasse. 13 An vndiscrete sonne is ye heuynes of his father, & a braulynge wife is like the topp of an house, where thorow it is euer droppynge. 14 House & riches maye a ma haue by ye heretage of his elders, but a discrete woma is the gifte of the LORDE. 15 Slouthfulnes bryngeth slepe, & an ydell soule shal suffer hoger. 16 Who so kepeth the comaundemet, kepeth his owne soule: but he yt regardeth not his waye, shal dye. 17 He yt hath pitie vpon the poore, ledeth vnto ye LORDE: & loke what he layeth out, it shalbe payed him agayne. 18 Chaste yi sonne whyle there is hope, but let not yi soule be moued to slaye hi. 19 For greate wrath bryngeth harme, therfore let him go, and so mayest thou teach him more nurtoure. 20 O geue eare vnto good councell, & be content to be refourmed, that thou mayest bewyse here after. 21 There are many deuices in a mas herte, neuertheles the coucell of ye LORDE shal stode. 22 It is a mans worshipe to do good, & better it is to be a poore ma, then a dyssembler. 23 The feare of the LORDE preserueth the life, yee it geueth pleteousnes, without the visitacio of any plage. 24 A slouthfull body shuteth his honde in to his bosome, so yt he can not put it to his mouth. 25 Yf thou smytest a scorneful personne, the ignoraut shal take better hede: & yf thou reprouest one yt hath vnderstondinge, he wil be ye wyser. 26 He yt hurteth his father or shuteth out his mother, is a shamefull & an vnworthy sonne. 27 My sonne, heare nomore the doctrine yt leadeth the awaye from the wordes of vnderstondinge. 28 A false wytnes laugheth iudgmet to scorne, & the mouth of the vngodly eateth vp wickednes. 29 Punyshmentes are ordened for the scornefull, and stripes for fooles backes.