Lamentations 5

Great(i) 1 Call to remembraunce (O Lorde) what we haue suffred, consydre, and se oure confusion. 2 Oure enheritaunce is turned to the straungers and oure houses to the aleauntes. 3 We are become carefull and fatherles, and oure mothers are as the wyddowes. 4 We are fayne to dryncke oure awne water for money, and oure awne wod must we bye with money. 5 Oure neckes are vnder persecucion, we are weery, and haue no rest. 6 Afore tyme we yelded oure selues to the Egypcians, and nowe to the Assyrians, only that we myght haue bred ynough. 7 Oure fathers (which now are gone) haue synned, & we must beare theyr wyckednes. 8 Seruauntes haue the rule of vs, and no man delyuereth vs out of their handes. 9 We must get oure lyuynge with the parell of oure lyues, because of the drouth of the wyldernes. 10 Oure skynne is as it had bene brent in an ouen, for very sore honger. 11 The wyues are raueshed in Syon, and the maydens in the cyties of Iuda. 12 The princes are hanged vp with the hande of the enemies, they haue not spared the olde sage men, 13 they haue taken yonge mennes lyues from them, & the boyes are hanged vp vpon trees. 14 The elders sytt nomore vnder the gates, and the yonge men vse nomore playenge of musycke. 15 The ioye of oure herte is gone, oure mery queer is turned into mournynge. 16 The garlande of oure heade is fallen: alas, that euer we synned so sore. 17 Therfore, oure herte is full of heuynes, & oure eyes dymme: 18 because of the hyll of Sion, that is destroyed. In so moch, that the foxes runne vpon it. 19 But thou, O Lorde, that remaynest for euermore, and thy seate worlde without ende: 20 wherfore wylt thou styll forget vs, and forsake vs so longe? 21 O Lorde turne thou vs vnto the, and so shall we be turned. Renue oure dayes as in olde tymes, 22 for thou hast banyshed vs nowe longe ynough, and hast bene sore displeased at vs.