Lamentations 5

  1 H2142 [H8798] Remember H3068 , O LORD H5027 [H8685] , what is come upon us: consider H7200 [H8798] , and behold H2781 our reproach.
  2 H5159 Our inheritance H2015 [H8738] is turned H2114 [H8801] to strangers H1004 , our houses H5237 to aliens.
  3 H3490 We are orphans H369 H1 and fatherless H517 , our mothers H490 are as widows.
  4 H8354 [H8804] We drank H4325 our water H3701 for money H6086 ; our wood H935 H4242 [H8799] is sold to us.
  5 H6677 Our necks H7291 [H8738] are under persecution H3021 [H8804] : we labour H5117 [H8717] , and have no rest.
  6 H5414 [H8804] We have given H3027 the hand H4714 to the Egyptians H804 , and to the Assyrians H7646 [H8800] , to be satisfied H3899 with bread.
  7 H1 Our fathers H2398 [H8804] have sinned H369 , and are not H5445 [H8804] ; and we have borne H5771 their iniquities.
  8 H5650 Servants H4910 [H8804] have ruled H6561 [H8802] over us: there is none that doth deliver H3027 us out of their hand.
  9 H935 [H8686] We got H3899 our bread H5315 with the peril of our lives H6440 because H2719 of the sword H4057 of the wilderness.
  10 H5785 Our skin H3648 [H8738] was black H8574 like an oven H6440 because H2152 of the terrible H7458 famine.
  11 H6031 [H8765] They ravished H802 the women H6726 in Zion H1330 , and the maids H5892 in the cities H3063 of Judah.
  12 H8269 Princes H8518 [H8738] are hanged H3027 by their hand H6440 : the faces H2205 of elders H1921 [H8738] were not honoured.
  13 H5375 [H8804] They took H970 the young men H2911 to grind H5288 , and the children H3782 [H8804] fell H6086 under the wood.
  14 H2205 The elders H7673 [H8804] have ceased H8179 from the gate H970 , the young men H5058 from their music.
  15 H4885 The joy H3820 of our heart H7673 [H8804] hath ceased H4234 ; our dance H2015 [H8738] is turned H60 into mourning.
  16 H5850 The crown H5307 [H8804] is fallen H7218 from our head H188 : woe H2398 [H8804] to us, that we have sinned!
  17 H3820 For this our heart H1739 is faint H5869 ; for these things our eyes H2821 [H8804] are dim.
  18 H2022 Because of the mountain H6726 of Zion H8074 [H8804] , which is desolate H7776 , the foxes H1980 [H8765] walk upon it.
  19 H3068 Thou, O LORD H3427 [H8799] , remainest H5769 for ever H3678 ; thy throne H1755 from generation H1755 to generation.
  20 H7911 [H8799] Why dost thou forget H5331 us for ever H5800 [H8799] , and forsake H753 us so long H3117 time?
  21 H7725 [H8685] Turn H3068 thou us to thee, O LORD H7725 [H8799] , and we shall be turned H2318 [H8761] ; renew H3117 our days H6924 as of old.
  22 H3988 [H8800] But thou hast utterly H3988 [H8804] rejected H3966 us; thou art very H7107 [H8804] angry with us.