Lamentations 5

CLV(i) 1 Remember, O Yahweh, what has happened to us; look, and see our reproach." 2 Our allotment is turned over to aliens, our houses to foreigners." 3 We have become orphans without a father; our mothers are like widows. 4 Our own water we drink for money; our wood comes with a price. 5 With a yoke on our neck, we are pursued; we are weary, and there is no rest for us." 6 We give the hand to Egypt and Assyria in order to be satisfied with bread. 7 Our fathers sinned and are no more, and we ourselves are burdened with their depravities." 8 Slaves rule over us; there is no one to tear us off from their hand. 9 At the risk of our soul we bring in our bread in view of the sword of the wilderness. 10 Our skin is fervid like a stove in view of the simoons of famine. 11 They humiliate women in Zion, virgins in the cities of Judah." 12 Chiefs are hung by their hands; the face of the old is not honored. 13 Choice young men must bear the grinding, and youths falter under loads of wood." 14 Elders have ceased from the gateway, choice youth from their accompaniment of song." 15 The elation of our heart has ceased; our fluting is turned to mourning. 16 The crown has fallen from our head; woe to us that we have sinned! 17 At this our heart is languishing; because of these things our eyes are darkened. 18 Because of Mount Zion which is desolate, foxes prowl about it." 19 Yet You, O Yahweh, are dwelling for the eon; Your throne endures for generation after generation." 20 Why are You forgetting us so permanently, forsaking us for length of days? 21 Restore us to Yourself, O Yahweh, and we shall return; renew our days as of long ago, 22 Unless You have rejected us yea utterly rejected, and are wrathful against us exceedingly."