Lamentations 5

  1 H2142 Remember, H3068 O Jehovah, H7200 what is come upon us: Behold, H7200 and see H2781 our reproach.
  2 H5159 Our inheritance H2015 is turned H2114 unto strangers, H1004 Our houses H5237 unto aliens.
  3 H3490 We are orphans H369 and fatherless; H517 Our mothers H490 are as widows.
  4 H8354 We have drunken H4325 our water H3701 for money; H6086 Our wood H935 is sold unto us.
  5 H7291 Our pursuers H6677 are upon our necks: H3021 We are weary, H5117 and have no rest.
  6 H5414 We have given H3027 the hand H4714 to the Egyptians, H804 And to the Assyrians, H7646 to be satisfied H3899 with bread.
  7 H1 Our fathers H2398 sinned, H369 and are not; H5445 And we have borne H5771 their iniquities.
  8 H5650 Servants H4910 rule H6561 over us: There is none to deliver H3027 us out of their hand.
  9 H935 We get H3899 our bread H5315 at the peril of our lives, H6440 Because H2719 of the sword H4057 of the wilderness.
  10 H5785 Our skin H3648 is black H8574 like an oven, H6440 Because H2152 of the burning H7458 heat of famine.
  11 H6031 They ravished H802 the women H6726 in Zion, H1330 The virgins H5892 in the cities H3063 of Judah.
  12 H8269 Princes H8518 were hanged up H3027 by their hand: H6440 The faces H2205 of elders H1921 were not honored.
  13 H970 The young men H5375 bare H2911 the mill; H5288 And the children H3782 stumbled H6086 under the wood.
  14 H2205 The elders H7673 have ceased H8179 from the gate, H970 The young men H5058 from their music.
  15 H4885 The joy H3820 of our heart H7673 is ceased; H4234 Our dance H2015 is turned H60 into mourning.
  16 H5850 The crown H5307 is fallen H7218 from our head: H188 Woe H2398 unto us! for we have sinned.
  17 H3820 For this our heart H1739 is faint; H5869 For these things our eyes H2821 are dim;
  18 H2022 For the mountain H6726 of Zion, H8074 which is desolate: H7776 The foxes H1980 walk upon it.
  19 H3068 Thou, O Jehovah, H3427 abidest H5769 for ever; H3678 Thy throne H1755 is from generation H1755 to generation.
  20 H7911 Wherefore dost thou forget H5331 us for ever, H5800 And forsake H753 us so long H3117 time?
  21 H7725 Turn H3068 thou us unto thee, O Jehovah, H7725 and we shall be turned; H2318 Renew H3117 our days H6924 as of old.
  22 H3988 But thou hast utterly H3988 rejected H3966 us; Thou art very H7107 wroth against us.