Lamentations 5

ECB(i) 1
Remember, O Yah Veh, what becomes us; look and see our reproach: 2 our inheritance is turned to strangers; our houses to strangers: 3 we are orphans and fatherless; our mothers as widows: 4 we drank our water for money; our timber comes at a price; 5 they pursue our necks; we labor and rest not: 6 we gave a hand to the Misrayim - to Ashshuriym, to satisfy with bread; 7 our fathers sinned and are not; and we bear their perversities: 8 servants reign over us; no one separates us from their hand: 9 we get our bread by our souls because of the sword of the wilderness: 10 our skin shrivels as an oven because of the raging famine. 11 They humble the women in Siyon and the virgins in the cities of Yah Hudah; 12 governors are hanged by their hand; the faces of elders are not esteemed: 13 they lift the young men to grind and the lads stumble under the timber: 14 the elders shabbathize from the portal - the young men from their strumming: 15 the joy of our heart shabbathizes; our round dance turns into mourning; 16 the crown is fallen from our head; woe to us, for we sinned! 17 For this our heart bleeds; for these our eyes darken. 18 For the mountain of Siyon is desolate; the foxes walk on it. 19 You, O Yah Veh, settle eternally; your throne from generation to generation. 20 Why forget us in perpetuity? - forsake us for length of days of time? 21 Return us to you, O Yah Veh and we return; renew our days as of antiquity. 22 For in spurning, you spurn us; you enrage mightily against us.