Lamentations 5

Bishops(i) 1 Call to remembraunce (O Lorde) what we haue suffred, consider and see our confusion 2 Our inheritaunce is turned to the straungers, and our houses to the aliaunts 3 We are become carefull and fatherlesse, and our mothers are as the wydowes 4 We are fayne to drinke our owne water for money, and our owne wood must we buy for money 5 Our neckes are vnder persecution, we are weery and haue no rest 6 [Aforetime] we yeelded our selues to the Egyptians, [and nowe] to the Assyrians, onlye that we might haue bread inough 7 Our fathers (which nowe are gone) haue sinned, and we must beare their wickednesse 8 Seruauntes haue the rule of vs, and no man deliuereth vs out of their handes 9 We must get our liuing with the perill of our liues, because of the drouth of the wildernesse 10 Our skinne is as it had ben made blacke in an ouen, for very sore hunger 11 The wiues are rauished in Sion, and the maydens in the cities of Iuda 12 The princes are hanged vp with the hand of the enemies, they haue not spared the olde sage men 13 They haue taken young men to grinde, and the boyes fainted vnder the burthens of wood 14 The elders sit no more vnder the gates, and the young men vse no more playing of musicke 15 The ioy of our heart is gone, our melodious meeting is turned into mourning 16 The garlande of our head is fallen: alas that euer we sinned so sore 17 Therefore our heart is full of heauinesse, and our eyes dimme 18 Because of the hill of Sion that is destroyed: insomuch that the foxes runne vpon it 19 But thou O Lorde, that remaynest for euer, and thy seate worlde without ende 20 Wherefore wylt thou styll forget vs, and forsake vs so long 21 O Lord turne thou vs vnto thee, and so shall we be turned, renue our dayes as in olde tymes 22 But thou hast banished vs vtterly, and hast ben displeased at vs