Amos 5

Great(i) 1 Heare thys worde, O ye house of Israel, & why? I must make thys mone for you. 2 The vyrgyn Israel shall fall, & neuer ryse vp agayne: she shalbe cast downe vpon her awne grounde, and no man shall helpe her vp. 3 For thus sayeth the Lorde God: where as there dwelt a .M. in one cytie, there shalbe left scarce an hundred therin: & where there dwelt an .C. there, shall scarce ten be left in the house of Israel. 4 Neuertheles, thus sayth the Lorde vnto the house of Israell: Seke after me, and ye shall lyue, 5 but seke not after Bethel. Come not at Gilgal, and go not to Bersaba: for Gilgal shalbe caryed awaye captyue, and Bethel shall come to naught. 6 Seke the Lorde, that ye maye lyue: lest the house of Ioseph be brent with fyre and consumed & lest there be none to quenche Bethell. 7 Ye turne the lawe to wormwod, & cast downe ryghteousnes vnto the grounde. 8 Ye forsake the Lord that maketh the .vij. starres & the Orions, that turneth the nyght into daye, and of the daye he maketh darcknesse. He calleth the waters of the see, and poureth them out vpon the playne grounde: the Lorde is hys name. 9 He rayseth destruccyon vpon the myghtye people, & bringeth downe the stronge holde. 10 But they owe him euell will, that reproueth them openly: and who so telleth them the playne trueth, they abhorre hym. 11 For so moche then as ye oppresse the poore, and robbe him of his best sustenaunce: therfore, where as ye haue buylded houses of square stone, ye shall not dwell in them. Maruelous pleasaunt vyneyardes shall ye plante, but the wyne of them shall ye not drincke: & why? 12 as for the multitude of youre wyckednesses and youre stoute synnes, I knowe them ryght well. Enemyes are ye of the ryghteous, ye take rewardes, ye oppresse the poore in iudgement. 13 Therfore, the wyse must nowe be fayne to holde his tunge, so wycked a tyme is it. 14 Seke after the thinge that is good, & not euell, so shall ye lyue: yee, the Lorde God of hoostes shalbe with you, accordinge to your awne desyre. 15 Hate the euell, and loue the good: set vp ryght agayne in the porte: and (no doute) the Lorde God of Hoostes shalbe mercyfull vnto the remnaunt of Ioseph. 16 If no (sayeth the Lorde God, the God of hostes) there shall be mournynge in all stretes, yee, they shall saye in euery strete: alas, alas. They shall call the housbandman to lamentacyon, and soch as can mourne to mournynge. 17 In all vyneyardes there shall be heuynesse, for I will come amonge you, sayeth the Lorde. 18 Wo be vnto them that desyre the daye of the Lorde. Wherfore wolde ye haue it? As for the daye of the Lorde, it shalbe darcke and not cleare. 19 Yee, lyke as when a man runneth from a lyon, and a Beer meteth with him: or when he commeth into the house, & leaneth his hande vpon the wall, a serpent byteth him. 20 Shall not the daye of the Lorde be darcke, & not cleare? shall it not be cloudy, & no shyne in it? 21 I hate and abhorre your holy dayes, & where as ye cense me when ye come together, I wyll not accepte it. 22 And though ye offre me brent offrynges and meat offrynges, yet haue I no pleasure therin. As for your fat thanckofferynges. I wyll not loke vpon them: 23 Awaye with that noyse of thy songes, I will not heare thy playes of musyck: 24 but se that equytie flowe as the water, and ryghteousnesse as a myghtye streame. 25 O ye house of Israel, gaue ye me offrynges and sacrifyces those fourty yeares longe in the wyldernes? 26 yet haue ye set vp tabernacles to your Moloch, and ymages of your Idols, yee, and the starre of your God Rempha, fygures which ye made to worshyppe them. 27 Therfore wyll I cause you to be caryed awaye beyonde Damascus, sayeth the Lord, whose name is the God of Hostes.