Amos 5

  1 H8085 Hear H2088 you this H1697 word H834 which H5375 I take H5921 up against H7015 you, even a lamentation, H1004 O house H3478 of Israel.
  2 H1330 The virgin H3478 of Israel H5307 is fallen; H3808 she shall no H5750 more H6965 rise: H5203 she is forsaken H127 on her land; H369 there is none H6965 to raise her up.
  3 H3541 For thus H559 said H136 the Lord H3069 GOD; H5892 The city H3318 that went H505 out by a thousand H7604 shall leave H3967 an hundred, H3318 and that which went H3318 forth H3967 by an hundred H7604 shall leave H6235 ten, H1004 to the house H3478 of Israel.
  4 H3541 For thus H559 said H3068 the LORD H1004 to the house H3478 of Israel, H1875 Seek H2421 you me, and you shall live:
  5 H1875 But seek H1008 not Bethel, H3808 nor H935 enter H1537 into Gilgal, H5674 and pass H884 not to Beersheba: H1537 for Gilgal H1540 shall surely go into captivity, H1008 and Bethel H1961 shall come H205 to nothing.
  6 H1875 Seek H3068 the LORD, H2421 and you shall live; H6435 lest H6743 he break H784 out like fire H1004 in the house H3130 of Joseph, H398 and devour H369 it, and there be none H3518 to quench H1008 it in Bethel.
  7 H2015 You who turn H4941 judgment H3939 to wormwood, H5117 and leave H6666 off righteousness H776 in the earth,
  8 H6213 Seek him that makes H3598 the seven H3598 stars H3685 and Orion, H2015 and turns H6757 the shadow H6757 of death H1242 into the morning, H3117 and makes the day H2821 dark H3915 with night: H7121 that calls H4325 for the waters H3220 of the sea, H8210 and pours H6440 them out on the face H776 of the earth: H3068 The LORD H8034 is his name:
  9 H1082 That strengthens H7701 the spoiled H5921 against H5794 the strong, H7701 so that the spoiled H935 shall come H5921 against H4013 the fortress.
  10 H8130 They hate H3198 him that rebukes H8179 in the gate, H8581 and they abhor H1696 him that speaks H8549 uprightly.
  11 H3282 For as much H3651 therefore H1318 as your treading H1800 is on the poor, H3947 and you take H4864 from him burdens H1250 of wheat: H1129 you have built H1004 houses H1496 of hewn H1496 stone, H3427 but you shall not dwell H5193 in them; you have planted H2531 pleasant H3754 vineyards, H8354 but you shall not drink H3196 wine of them.
  12 H3045 For I know H7227 your manifold H6588 transgressions H6099 and your mighty H2403 sins: H6887 they afflict H6662 the just, H3947 they take H3724 a bribe, H5186 and they turn H5186 aside H34 the poor H8179 in the gate from their right.
  13 H3651 Therefore H7919 the prudent H1826 shall keep silence H6256 in that time; H7451 for it is an evil H6256 time.
  14 H1875 Seek H2896 good, H7451 and not evil, H2421 that you may live: H3651 and so H3068 the LORD, H430 the God H6635 of hosts, H559 shall be with you, as you have spoken.
  15 H8130 Hate H7451 the evil, H157 and love H2896 the good, H3322 and establish H4941 judgment H8179 in the gate: H3068 it may be that the LORD H430 God H6635 of hosts H2587 will be gracious H7611 to the remnant H3130 of Joseph.
  16 H3651 Therefore H3068 the LORD, H430 the God H6635 of hosts, H136 the LORD, H559 said H3541 thus; H4553 Wailing H3605 shall be in all H7339 streets; H559 and they shall say H3605 in all H2351 the highways, H1930 Alas! H1930 alas! H7121 and they shall call H406 the farmer H60 to mourning, H3045 and such as are skillful H5092 of lamentation H4553 to wailing.
  17 H3605 And in all H3754 vineyards H4553 shall be wailing: H5674 for I will pass H7130 through H559 you, said H3068 the LORD.
  18 H1945 Woe H183 to you that desire H3117 the day H3068 of the LORD! H4100 to what H3117 end is it for you? the day H3068 of the LORD H2822 is darkness, H216 and not light.
  19 H834 As if H376 a man H5127 did flee H738 from a lion, H1677 and a bear H6293 met H935 him; or went H1004 into the house, H5564 and leaned H3027 his hand H5921 on H7023 the wall, H5175 and a serpent H5391 bit him.
  20 H3117 Shall not the day H3068 of the LORD H2822 be darkness, H216 and not light? H651 even very H651 dark, H3808 and no H5051 brightness in it?
  21 H8130 I hate, H3988 I despise H2282 your feast H7306 days, and I will not smell H6116 in your solemn H6116 assemblies.
  22 H3588 Though H518 H5927 you offer H5930 me burnt H4503 offerings H7521 and your meat offerings, I will not accept H3808 them: neither H5027 will I regard H8002 the peace H4806 offerings of your fat H4806 beasts.
  23 H5493 Take H5493 you away H1995 from me the noise H7892 of your songs; H8085 for I will not hear H2172 the melody H5035 of your viols.
  24 H4941 But let judgment H1556 run H4325 down as waters, H6666 and righteousness H386 as a mighty H5158 stream.
  25 H5066 Have you offered H2077 to me sacrifices H4503 and offerings H4057 in the wilderness H705 forty H8141 years, H1004 O house H3478 of Israel?
  26 H5375 But you have borne H5522 the tabernacle H4432 of your Moloch H3594 and Chiun H6754 your images, H3556 the star H430 of your god, H834 which H6213 you made to yourselves.
  27 H1540 Therefore will I cause you to go into captivity H1973 beyond H1834 Damascus, H559 said H3068 the LORD, H8034 whose name H430 is The God H6635 of hosts.