1 Chronicles 19

Great(i) 1 After this, it chaunced that Nahas the kynge of the chyldren of Ammon dyed, & his sonne raygned in his steade. 2 And Dauid sayde, I wyll shewe kyndnesse vnto Hanon the sonne of Nahas, because hys father dealt kyndelye with me: And Dauid sent messengers to comforte hym ouer the deeth of hys father. And the seruauntes of Dauid came into the lande of the chyldren of Ammon to Hanon, to comforte hym. 3 But the Lordes of the chyldren of Ammon sayde to Hanon: thynkest thou that Dauid doth honoure thy father in thy syght, that he hath sent conforters vnto the? Are not hys seruauntes come to searche, to loke, and to spye out the lande? 4 Wherfore Hanon toke Dauids seruauntes and shaued them, and cut of their cootes harde by their buttokes, and sent them awaye. 5 And there went certayne and tolde Dauid, howe the men were serued. And the kynge sent to mete them (for the men were exceadynglye ashamed) and the kynge sayde: tarye at Iericho, vntyll youre beardes be growen, and then returne. 6 And when the chyldren of Ammon sawe that they stanke in the syght of Dauid. Hanon & the chyldren of Ammon sent a thousande talentes of syluer to hyre them charettes & horsemen, out of Mesopotamia, and out of Syria Maacha & out of Zoba. 7 And they hyred .xxxii. thousande charettes, and the kynge of Maacha & his people, which came, and pytched before Meoba. And the chyldren of Ammon gathered them selues togeather from their cyties, & came to battel. 8 And whan Dauid heard of it, he sent Ioab and all the hoste of stronge men. 9 And the chyldren of Ammon came out, and put them selues in araye to battel before the gate of the cytie. And the kynges that were come, kepte them by them selues backe in the felde. 10 When Ioab also sawe that the fronte of the battell was agaynst him before & behynde, he chose out of all the chosen men of Israel, and put them in araye agaynst the Syrians. 11 And the rest of the people he delyuered vnto the hande of Abisai his brother, & they put them selues in araye agaynst the chyldren of Ammon. 12 And he sayde: If the Sirians be to strong for me, thou shalt succoure me: & yf the chyldren of Ammon preuayle agaynst the, I will helpe the. 13 Plucke vp thine hert, & let vs playe the men, for oure peoples sake & for the cyties of oure God, & the Lorde shall do that which is good in his awne syght. 14 So Ioab & the people that were wt him, drue nye before the Syrians vnto the battayll, & they fled before him. 15 And when the chyldren of Ammon sawe that the Syriens were fled, they ranne awaye lykewise before Abisai his brother, and gat them into the cytie. And Ioab came to Ierusalem. 16 And when the Siriens sawe that they were put to the worse before Israel, they sent messengers & fet out the Siriens that were beyond the ryuer, & Sophach the capitayne of the Host of Hadadezer went before them. 17 And it was tolde Dauid, & he geathered all Israel, & went togeather ouer Iordan, & came, and set vpon them. And whan Dauid had put him selfe in araye agaynst the Siriens they fought with him. 18 But the Siriens fled before Israel. And Dauid destroyed of the Siriens seuen thousande charettes, & .xl. thousand fote men, and kylled Sophach the captayne of the hoste. 19 And when the seruauntes of Hadarezer, sawe, that they were put to the worse before them of Israel, they made peace wt Dauid, & became his seruauntes. Nether wolde the Siriens helpe the chyldren of Ammon any more.