1 Chronicles 19

Matthew(i) 1 After thys it chaunced that Nahas kynge of the chyldren of Ammon dyed, & his sonne made king in his steade. 2 Then said Dauid: I wil shewe kindnesse vnto Hanon the sonne of Nahas because hys father dealt kyndlye wyth me. And thervpon Dauid sent messengers to comforte hym ouer the death of hys father. And when the seruauntes of Dauid were come into the land of the children of Ammon to Hanon to comforte him, 3 the Lordes of the chyldren of Ammon sayd to Hanon: thynkest thou that Dauid dothe honoure thy father in thy syghte, that he hath sent comforters vnto the? Naye, but it is to searche & ouerthrowe, & to spye oute the lande, that hys seruauntes be come vnto the. 4 Whervpon Hanon toke Dauids seruauntes & shaued them, & cut of their cotes harde by their bottockes, & sent them awaye. 5 And there went that tolde Dauid how the men were serued. And the kynge sent to mete them (for the men were exceadyngly ashamed) & sayd: tarye at Iericho, vntyll youre beardes be growen, and then returne. 6 And when the chyldren of Ammon sawe that they stanke in the nose of Dauid, Hanon & the chyldren of Ammon sent a thousand talentes of syluer to hyre them charettes, and horsemen out of Mesopotamia & out Siria Maacah & out of Zobah. 7 And they hired .xxxij. thousand charettes, & the kyng of Maacah & his people, whyche came and pytched before Midba. And the children of Ammon gathered them selues together from their cityes and went oute to battel. 8 And as sone as Dauid hearde of it, he sent Ioab with all the host of stronge men. 9 And the children of Ammon came oute, & put them in araye to battell before the gate of the cytye. And the kynges that were come kepte them by them selues in the felde. 10 When Ioab sawe that the fronte of the battel was before hym and after, he chose out of all the youth of Israel, and put them in aray agaynst the Sirians. 11 And the rest of the people he deliuered vnto Abisai his brother, that they shoulde put them selues in araye agaynst the chyldren of Ammon, 12 & sayde: Yf the Sirians be to stronge for me, succoure me, and yf the chyldren of Ammon be to good for the, I wil helpe the. 13 Plucke vp thyne herte, and let vs playe the men for oure peopels sake and for the cities of oure God, and the Lord do what semeth him beste. 14 And Ioab and the people that were wyth hym drue nye to the Sirians, to fyght, & they fled before him. 15 And when the chyldren of Ammon sawe that the Sirians were fled, they ranne awaye likewyse from Abisai his brother, and gat them into the cytie. And Ioab came to Ierusalem. 16 And when the Siriens saw, that they were put to the worse of Israel, they sent messengers & fet out the Sirians that are beyonde the ryuer with Sophach the captayne of host of Hadadezer before them. 17 Whyche when it was tolde Dauid, he gathered all Israel, and went ouer Iordan, & went and set vpon them. And Dauid put him selfe in araye agaynst the Sirians, and they fought wyth him. 18 But the Sirians fled before Israel, and Dauid destroyed of the Siriens .vij. thousande charettes, and slue .xl. thousande fote men, and kylled Sophach the Captayne of the Hoste. 19 And when the seruauntes of Hadadezer sawe that they were put to the worse of Israel, they made peace with Dauid, and serued hym. Neyther woulde the Siriens helpe the children of Ammon any more.