Psalms 9

ECB(i) 1 To His Eminence; On Muth Labben/Death of the Son; A Psalm by David. I spread hands, O Yah Veh, with my whole heart; I scribe all your marvellous works; 2 I cheer and jump for joy in you; I psalm to your name, O you Elyon. 3 When my enemies return they falter and destruct at your face. 4 For you work my judgment and my plea; you settle in the throne judging justness; 5 you rebuke the goyim; you destroy the wicked; you erase their name eternally and eternally. 6 O you enemy, your parched areas consummate in perpetuity; and the cities you uprooted - their memorial destructs with them. 7 And Yah Veh settles eternal; he prepares his throne for judgment: 8 he judges the world in justness; he pleads the cause of the nations in straightnesses. 9 Yah Veh is a secure loft for the oppressed - a secure loft in times of tribulation: 10 and they who know your name confide in you; for you forsake not them who seek you, O Yah Veh. 11 Psalm to Yah Veh who settles in Siyon; tell his exploits among the people: 12 he remembers them who search for blood; he forgets not the cry of the humble. 13 Grant me charism, O Yah Veh; see my humiliation of them who hate me - you who lift me from the portals of death; 14 so that I scribe all your halal in the portals of the daughter of Siyon: I twirl in your salvation. 15 The goyim sink in the pit of ruin they worked; - capture their foot in the net they hid. 16 Yah Veh is known by the judgment he works; the wicked is snared in the deeds of his palms. Meditation. Selah. 17 The wicked turn to sheol with all the goyim who forget Elohim. 18 Neither are the needy forgotten in perpetuity; nor the hope of the humble destructs eternally. 19 Rise, O Yah Veh; strengthen not man: judge the goyim at your face. 20 Put them in awe, O Yah Veh, that the goyim know they are but men. Selah.