Psalms 9

  1 H3034 [H8686] I will praise H3068 thee, O LORD H3820 , with my whole heart H5608 [H8762] ; I will show forth H6381 [H8737] all thy marvellous works.
  2 H8055 [H8799] I will be glad H5970 [H8799] and rejoice H2167 [H8762] in thee: I will sing praise H8034 to thy name H5945 , O thou most High.
  3 H341 [H8802] When my enemies H7725 [H8800] are turned H268 back H3782 [H8735] , they shall fall H6 [H8799] and perish H6440 at thy presence.
  4 H6213 [H8804] For thou hast maintained H4941 my right H1779 and my cause H3427 [H8804] ; thou satest H3678 on the throne H8199 [H8802] judging H6664 right.
  5 H1605 [H8804] Thou hast rebuked H1471 the heathen H6 [H8765] , thou hast destroyed H7563 the wicked H4229 [H8804] , thou hast put out H8034 their name H5769 for ever H5703 and ever.
  6 H341 [H8802] O thou enemy H2723 , destructions H5331 are come to a perpetual H8552 [H8804] end H5428 [H8804] : and thou hast destroyed H6145 H5892 [H8676] cities H2143 ; their memorial H6 [H8804] hath perished H1992 with them.
  7 H3068 But the LORD H3427 [H8799] shall endure H5769 for ever H3559 [H8790] : he hath prepared H3678 his throne H4941 for judgment.
  8 H8199 [H8799] And he shall judge H8398 the world H6664 in righteousness H1777 [H8799] , he shall minister judgment H3816 to the people H4339 in uprightness.
  9 H3068 The LORD H4869 also will be a refuge H1790 for the oppressed H4869 , a refuge H6256 in times H6869 of trouble.
  10 H3045 [H8802] And they that know H8034 thy name H982 [H8799] will put their trust H3068 in thee: for thou, LORD H5800 [H8804] , hast not forsaken H1875 [H8802] them that seek thee.
  11 H2167 [H8761] Sing praises H3068 to the LORD H3427 [H8802] , who dwelleth H6726 in Zion H5046 [H8685] : declare H5971 among the people H5949 his doings.
  12 H1875 [H8802] When he maketh inquisition H1818 for blood H2142 [H8804] , he remembereth H7911 [H8804] them: he forgetteth H6818 not the cry H6035 H6041 [H8675] of the humble.
  13 H2603 [H8798] Have mercy H3068 upon me, O LORD H7200 [H8798] ; consider H6040 my trouble H8130 [H8802] which I suffer from them that hate H7311 [H8789] me, thou that liftest me up H8179 from the gates H4194 of death:
  14 H5608 [H8762] That I may show forth H8416 all thy praise H8179 in the gates H1323 of the daughter H6726 of Zion H1523 [H8799] : I will rejoice H3444 in thy salvation.
  15 H1471 The heathen H2883 [H8804] are sunk down H7845 in the pit H6213 [H8804] that they made H7568 : in the net H2098 which H2934 [H8804] they hid H7272 is their own foot H3920 [H8738] taken.
  16 H3068 The LORD H3045 [H8738] is known H4941 by the judgment H6213 [H8804] which he executeth H7563 : the wicked H5367 [H8804] is snared H6467 in the work H3709 of his own hands H1902 . Higgaion H5542 . Selah.
  17 H7563 The wicked H7725 [H8799] shall be turned H7585 into hell H1471 , and all the nations H7913 that forget H430 God.
  18 H34 For the needy H5331 shall not always H7911 [H8735] be forgotten H8615 : the expectation H6041 H6035 [H8675] of the poor H6 [H8799] shall not perish H5703 for ever.
  19 H6965 [H8798] Arise H3068 , O LORD H582 ; let not man H5810 [H8799] prevail H1471 : let the heathen H8199 [H8735] be judged H6440 in thy sight.
  20 H7896 [H8798] Put H4172 H4172 [H8675] them in fear H3068 , O LORD H1471 : that the nations H3045 [H8799] may know H582 themselves to be but men H5542 . Selah.