Psalms 9

Coverdale(i) 1 I wil geue thakes vnto the (o LORDE) with my whole herte, I wil speake of all thy maruelous workes. 2 I wil be glad & reioyse in the, yee my songes wil I make of thy name, o thou most hyest. 3 Because thou hast dryue myne enemies abacke, they were discofited, & perished at thy presence. 4 For thou hast manteyned my right and my cause: thou syttest in the Trone that art the true iudge. 5 Thou rebukest the Heithen, and destroyest the vngodly, thou puttest out their name for euer and euer. 6 The enemies swerdes are come to an ende, thou hast ouerthrowen their cities, their memoriall is perished with the. 7 But ye LORDE endureth for euer, he hath prepared his seate vnto iudgmet. 8 He gouerneth ye worlde with rightuousnes & ministreth true iudgmet vnto the people. 9 The LORDE is a defence for the poore, a defence in the tyme of trouble. 10 Therfore they yt knowe thy name, put their trust in ye: for thou (LORDE) neuer faylest the, that seke the. 11 O prayse the LORDE, which dwelleth in Sion shewe ye people of his doinges. 12 And why? he maketh inquysicion for their bloude, and remembreth them: he forgetteth not the complaynte of the poore. 13 Haue mercy vpo me (o LORDE) considre the trouble that I am in amoge myne enemies, thou that liftest me vp from ye gates of death. 14 That I maye shewe all thy prayses within the portes off the doughter Sion, and reioyse in thy sauynge health. 15 As for the Heithen, the are suncke downe in the pytte that they made: in the same nette, which they spred out priuely, is their owne fote take. 16 Thus ye LORDE is knowne to execute true iudgment, whe the vngodly is trapped in the workes of his owne handes. 17 Sela. The wicked must be turned vnto hell, and all the Heithen yt forget God. 18 But the poore shal not allwaye be out of remembraunce, the paciet abydinge of soch as be in trouble shall not perish for euer. 19 Vp LORDE, let not man haue the vpper hade, let the Heithe be codemned before the. 20 O LORDE, set a scolemaster ouer the, that the Heithe maye knowe them selues to be but me. Sela.