Psalms 122

ECB(i) 1 A Song of Degrees: By David. I cheer when they say to me, To the house of Yah Veh we go. 2 Our feet stand within your portals, O Yeru Shalem. 3 Yeru Shalem is built; as a city joined together: 4 and there the scions ascend - the scions of Yah to the witness of Yisra El; to spread hands to the name of Yah Veh: 5 for there the thrones of judgment settle - the thrones of the house of David. 6 Ask for the shalom of Yeru Shalem; they who love you are content: 7 shalom be within your trenches and serenity within your citadels: 8 for sake of my brothers and friends I beseech a word, Shalom - within you. 9 Because of the house of Yah Veh our Elohim I seek your good.