Psalms 122

  1 H8055 A Song of Ascents; of David.
I was glad
H559 when they said H3212 unto me, Let us go H1004 unto the house H3068 of Jehovah.
  2 H7272 Our feet H5975 are standing H8179 Within thy gates, H3389 O Jerusalem,
  3 H3389 Jerusalem, H1129 that art builded H5892 As a city H2266 that is compact H3162 together;
  4 H8033 Whither H7626 the tribes H5927 go up, H7626 even the tribes H3050 of Jehovah, H5715 For an ordinance H3478 for Israel, H3034 To give thanks H8034 unto the name H3068 of Jehovah.
  5 H3427 For there are set H3678 thrones H4941 for judgment, H3678 The thrones H1004 of the house H1732 of David.
  6 H7592 Pray H7965 for the peace H3389 of Jerusalem: H7951 They shall prosper H157 that love thee.
  7 H7965 Peace H2426 be within thy walls, H7962 And prosperity H759 within thy palaces.
  8 H251 For my brethren H7453 and companions' H1696 sakes, I will now say, H7965 Peace be within thee.
  9 H1004 For the sake of the house H3068 of Jehovah H430 our God H1245 I will seek H2896 thy good.