Mark 3

Coverdale(i) 1 He wente agayne also in to the synagoge, and there was there a ma that had a wythred hande. 2 And they marked him, whether he wolde heale him on the Sabbath, that they might accuse him. 3 And he sayde vnto ye ma with the wythred hade: Steppe forth here. 4 And he sayde vnto the: Is it laufull to do good on the Sabbath? Or is it laufull to do euell? to saue life, or to kyll? But they helde their tonge. 5 And he loked rounde aboute vpon them with wrath, and was sory for the harde hertes of the, and sayde vnto the man: Stretch out thine hande. And he stretched it out. And his hande was made whole like as ye other. 6 And the Pharises wete out, and straight waye they helde a councell with Herodes officers agaynst him, how they might destroye him. 7 But Iesus departed awaye with his disciples vnto the see. And there folowed him moch people out of Galile, and fro Iewry, 8 and from Ierusale, and out of Idumea, and from beyonde Iordan, and they that dwelt aboute Tyre and Sydon, a greate multitude which had herde of his noble actes, and came vnto him. 9 And he spake vnto his disciples yt they shulde kepe a shyppe for him because of the people, lest they shulde thrunge him: 10 for he healed many of them, in so moch, that all they which were plaged,preased vpon him, that they might touch him. 11 And whan the foule spretes sawe him, they fell downe before him, and cried, and sayde: Thou art the sonne of God. 12 And he charged them strately, that they shulde not make him knowne. 13 And he wente vp in to a mountayne, and called vnto him whom he wolde, and they came vnto him. 14 And he ordeyned ye twolue, that they shulde be with him, and that he might sende them out to preach, 15 and that they might haue power to heale sicknesses, and to cast out deuyls. 16 And vnto Symon he gaue the name Peter, 17 and Iames the sonne of Zebede, and Ihon the brother of Iames, and gaue the the name Bonarges, that is to saye, the children of thonder: 18 and Andrew, and Philippe, and Bartylmew, and Mathew, and Thomas, and Iames ye sonne of Alpheus, and Taddeus, and Symon of Cana, 19 and Iudas Iscarioth which betrayed him.And they came to house. 20 Then assembled the people together agayne, in so moch that they had no leysure to eate. 21 And when they that were aboute him herde of it, they wente out to holde him. For they sayde: he taketh to moch vpon him. 22 But the scrybes that were come downe from Ierusalem, sayde: He hath Belzebub, and thorow the chefe deuell casteth he out deuyls. 23 And he called them together, and spake vnto them in symilitudes:How can one Sathan dryue out another? 24 And yf a realme be deuyded in it self, how can it endure? 25 And yf a house be deuyded agaynst it self, it can not contynue. 26 Yf Sathan now ryse agaynst him self, and be at variaunce with him self, he can not endure, but is at an ende. 27 No man can entre in to a stronge mans house, and take awaye his goodes, excepte he first bynde the stronge man, and then spoyle his house. 28 Verely I saye vnto you: All synnes shalbe forgeuen the children of men, and the blasphemy also wherwith they blaspheme. 29 But who so blasphemeth the holy goost, hath neuer forgeuenes, but is giltie of the euerlastinge iudgment. 30 For they sayde: he hath an vncleane sprete. 31 And there came his mother and his brethre, and stode without, and sente vnto him, and called him. 32 And the people sat aboute him, and sayde vnto him: Beholde, thy mother and thy brethre axe after the without. 33 And he answered, and sayde: Who is my mother and my brethren? 34 And he loked rounde aboute him vpon his disciples, which sat rounde in compasse aboute him, and sayde: Beholde, my mother and my brethren. 35 For who so euer doth the will of God the same is my brother, and my sister and my mother.