John 20

Coverdale(i) 1 Vpon one daye of the Sabbath, came Mary Magdalene early (whe it was yet darcke) vnto the sepulcre, & sawe that the stone was take from the sepulcre. 2 Then ranne she, & came to Symon Peter, and to ye other disciple, whom Iesus loued, and sayde vnto them: They haue take awaye the LORDE out of the sepulcre, & we can not tell where they haue layed him. 3 The wete Peter forth and the other disciple, and came to the sepulcre. 4 They rane both together, and that other disciple out rane Peter, and came first to the sepulcre, 5 and loked in, and sawe the lynnen clothes layed. But he wete not in. 6 The came Symon Peter after him, and wente in to the sepulcre, & sawe the lynne clothes lye, 7 and the napkyn that was bounde aboute Iesus heade, not layed with the lynnen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by it self. 8 The wete i also yt other disciple, which came first to ye sepulcre, & he sawe & beleued: 9 for as yet they knewe not ye scriptures, yt it behoued hi to ryse agayne fro ye deed. 10 The wete ye disciples againe together. 11 As for Mary, she stode before ye sepulcre & wepte without. Now as she wepte she loked in to the sepulcre, 12 and sawe two angels in whyte garmentes syttinge, ye one at the heade, & the other at ye fete, where they had layed the body of Iesus. 13 And they sayde vnto her: Woma, why wepest thou? She saide vnto the: They haue taken awaye my LORDE, & I wote not where they haue layed hi. 14 And whan she had sayde yt, she turned her self backe, & sawe Iesus stondinge, & knewe not yt it was Iesus. 15 Iesus sayde vnto her: Woman, why wepest thou? Whom sekest thou? She thought yt it had bene ye gardener, & sayde vnto him: Syr, yf thou hast borne him hence: then tell me where thou hast layed him? and I wil fetch hi. 16 Iesus sayde vnto her: Mary. Then turned she her aboute, & sayde vnto him: Rabboni, yt is to saye: Master. 17 Iesus sayde vnto her: Touche me not, for I am not yet ascended vnto my father. But go thou yi waye vnto my brethre & saye vnto the: I ascede vp vnto my father and yor father: to my God, & yor God. 18 Mary Magdalene came, & tolde ye disciples: I haue sene the LORDE, & soch thinges hath he spoken vnto me. 19 The same Sabbath at eue wha ye disciples were gathered together, and the dores were shut for feare of ye Iewes, came Iesus, and stode i ye myddes, & sayde vnto the: Peace be wt you. 20 And wha he had so sayde, he shewed the his hades & his syde. The were ye disciples glad, yt they sawe ye LORDE. 21 The sayde Iesus vnto the agayne: Peace be with you. Like as my father sent me, eue so sede I you. 22 And whan he had sayde yt, he brethed vpo the, and sayde vnto the: Receaue the holy goost. 23 Whose synnes soeuer ye remytte, they are remytted vnto the: and whose synnes so euer ye retayne, they are retayned. 24 But Thomas one of the twolue which is called Didimus, was not wt the wha Iesus came. 25 The sayde the other disciples vnto him: We haue sene the LORDE. But he sayde vnto the: Excepte I se in his handes the prynte of the nales, and put my hade in to his syde, I wil not beleue. 26 And after eight dayes agayne were his disciples with in, & Thomas wt the. The came Iesus (wha ye dores were shutt) & stode in the myddes, & sayde: Peace be wt you. 27 After yt sayde he vnto Thomas: Reach hither yi fynger, and se my handes, and reach hither yi hade, & put it i to my syde, & be not faithlesse, but beleue. 28 Thomas answered, & sayde vnto him: My LORDE, and my God. 29 Iesus sayde vnto him: Thomas, because thou hast sene me, thou hast beleued. Blessed are they, that se not, and yet beleue. 30 Many other tokes dyd Iesus before his disciples, which are not wrytte in this boke. 31 But these are wrytte, yt ye shulde beleue, yt Iesus is Christ the sonne of God, & that ye thorow beleue might haue life in his name.