John 21

Coverdale(i) 1 After that shewed Iesus himself agayne at the see of Tiberias But on this wyse shewed he himself. 2 There were together Symo Peter, & Thomas which is called Didimus, & Nathanael of Cana a cite of Galile, & the sonnes of Zebede, & two other of his disciples. 3 Symon Peter sayde vnto the: I go a fyshinge. They sayde vnto hi: We also wil go wt the. They wete out, & entred into a shippe straight waye. And yt same night toke they nothinge. 4 But wha it was now morow, Iesus stode on the shore, but his disciples knewe not yt it was Iesus. 5 Iesus sayde vnto the: Childre, haue ye eny thinge to eate? They answered hi:No. 6 He sayde vnto the: Cast out the nett on ye right syde of the shippe, & ye shal fynde. The they cast out, & coulde nomore drawe it for ye multitude of fishes. 7 The sayde ye disciple who Iesus loued, vnto Peter: It is the LORDE.Whan Simon Peter herde that is was the LORDE, he gyrde his mantell aboute him (for he was naked) and sprange in to ye see. 8 But other disciples came by shippe (for they were not farre fro londe, but as it were two hundreth cubytes) and they drewe the net with the fisshes. 9 Now whan they were come to londe, they sawe coles layed, and fysh theron, and bred. 10 Iesus sayde vnto the: Bringe hither of the fyshes, that ye haue taken now. 11 Symon Peter stepped forth, and drew the nett to the londe, full of greate fysshes, an hundreth and thre and fyftie. And for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken. 12 Iesus sayde vnto them: Come, and dyne. But none of the disciples durst axe him: Who art thou? For they knewe, that it was the LORDE. 13 Then came Iesus, and toke ye bred, and gaue it the: and the fysshe likewyse. 14 This is now the thirde tyme that Iesus appeared vnto his disciples, after that he was rysen agayne from the deed. 15 Now wha they had dyned, Iesus sayde vnto Symon Peter: Symo Iohana, louest thou me more then these do? He sayde vnto him: Yee LORDE, thou knowest yt I loue the. He sayde vnto him: Fede my labes. 16 He sayde vnto him agayne the seconde tyme: Symo Iohana, louest thou me? He sayde vnto him: Yee LORDE, thou knowest, yt I loue ye. He sayde vnto him: Fede my shepe. 17 He saide vnto him ye thirde tyme: Symon Iohana, louest thou me? Peter was sory, because he sayde vnto him, louest thou me? And he sayde vnto him: LORDE, thou knowest all thinges, thou knowest, that I loue ye. Iesus sayde vnto him: Fede my shepe. 18 Verely verely I saye vnto the: Whan thou wast yoge, thou gerdedst thyselfe, and walkedst whither thou woldest. But wha thou art olde, thou shalt stretch forth thy handes, and another shal gyrde the, and lede the whither thou woldest not. 19 But this he sayde, to signifye with what death he shulde glorifye God.Whan he had spoken this, he sayde vnto him: Folowe me. 20 Peter turned him aboute, and sawe the disciple folowinge, whom Iesus loued, ( which also leaned vpo his brest at the supper, and sayde: LORDE, who is it that betrayeth the)? 21 Wha Peter sawe him, he sayde vnto Iesus: LORDE, but what shal he do? 22 Iesus sayde vnto him: Yf I wil that he tary tyll I come, what is that to the? Folowe thou me. 23 Then wente there out a sayenge amonge the brethren: This disciple dyeth not. And Iesus sayde not vnto him: He dyeth not, but: Yf I wil that he tary tyll I come, what is that to the? 24 This is the same disciple, which testifyeth of these thinges, and wrote these thinges, and we knowe that his testimony is true. 25 There are many other thinges also that Iesus dyd, which, yf they shulde be wrytte euery one, I suppose the worlde shulde not contayne the bokes, that were to be wrytten.